We caught up with internationally renowned DJ and producer Valentin Huedo to talk about growing up in Ibiza, what he’s been up to over the pandemic and his new EP on All Day I Dream.


Welcome to Sweet Music! How are you, what’s good and bad in your world?

Thank you, right now everything is good in my world 🙂 Still a bit overwhelmed for the amazing feedback I’ve had so far with my “Tonight” EP on All Day I Dream, really happy how this year is going and now I´m looking forward to starting the winter tour in the next weeks in central America. I’ll be visiting Costa Rica, Panama, Mexico and US and I’m very happy to be playing for the 1st time in South Africa in a little tour for 2 weeks in December. I’m also excited for the upcoming releases with artist that i respect so much like Megablast, Jenia Tarsol, Chaim, Musumeci or Kevin Di Serna…so in terms of work i can’t ask for more. Really happy with 2021 considering the worlds situation.


How have you found the last year and a half? What has kept you occupied and sane?

In the early days of pandemic (2020) I recovered an old passion: Mountain Biking. Ibiza is an amazing spot for bikers, to do sport and be in contact with nature is the perfect formula to keep sane your body and soul. Of course, music also was an important part, I did a lot of work in the studio and i enjoyed so much.


How do you evolved your own sound while staying true to your roots and own signature and not jumping on new hype bandwagons?

Especiailly in the creation process (Studio), for me it does not work to do something I don’t feel honest. I tried sometimes to make a track that its similar to the number one at that moment, you know, trying to make something “hype” as you said, it doesn’t works for me…. Regarding my roots, they are from ibiza, I grew up with sunsets, beaches, bright light, starry nights, nature! All this together has a sound and sensibility I think, making an example I love Berlin but I don’t feel ok doing techno, I love Peru but i don’t feel honest doing Ethnic downtempo, it’s very important for me I feel that I’m doing something honest to myself. Of course you need to pay attention whats going on in the market otherwise you are lost, so making a balance between what you really are and what people is consuming at the moment is the key.


What are some of the key bits of music making gear in your current set up?

Moog subsequent 37 and Monologue Xd are the 2 kings in my little studio, I find a good balance between those two, Moog is raw, a beast, monologue gives me the bright and dreamy vibe. For percussion i still using samples libraries, and I try to be involved with musicians for final arrangements. 


Tell us what inspired the new EP ‘Tonight’?

I wanted to create an EP that is not only the classic sound of All Day I Dream, Tonight is a vocal track quite “Pop” Salines Sunrise is my most personal track I  would say, and Neo is the most classic ADID sound. I wanted to create 3 tracks for every moment in a dj set and not sound like any other artist in the label, that was my goal.


How do you work, do you have an idea in your head you work towards or do you just experiment and jam and see what happens?

Both, sometimes I’m watching Netflix and I heard 2 piano chords I like and I go straight to play this chords at my Piano, after developing my own melody I start a song from there and sometimes I start a project with no idea or expectations, just to see what happens (these are the most common) I think I don’t like to have any ideas in my mind and just let the work flow, in my opinion the faster the work flows, the better. 


You make melodic music. Why is melody so important to you? Where does that come from?

I think it comes because in my very beginning as a DJ I used to play with my big brother records which were trance music, as well from a very young age I played in cafe del mar for sunsets, dreamy melodies always were there, but is a good question, what does this come from really? I wish I could know! but there are certain types of melody I always end up producing. 


Are you formally trained? Or do you just experiment to find the melodies you want?

I studied Piano for 4 years until I got bored of classical music. I know the theory of music but I’m not a musician at all. Also, I studied various courses of Sound Technician and Music production, the rest is just hours of practice. 


What else have you got coming up/are you working on?

I have a remix I did for megablast called “Lies” coming out in December that includes Jenia Tarsol & Chaim remix too, as well in January another remix on Squire new label called “anims” with Kevin Di Serna on remix duty, both remixing Oriol Calvo. And March i have an original for Musumeci´s label which will come out on a VA. 


What would you like to see change about the industry?

It’s a good question too, many things for sure, but i think we must be true to ourselves and at the same time learn to adapt the industry. I mean, it’s a really big machine to fight with even if you don’t like some behaviours or rules, surfing the wave and learn to love what you are doing. Otherwise you can easily get caught in a complaining attitude which is not sane and good for your career.


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