Hello, Rodrigo! It’s a pleasure to be speaking with you for the first time here. We already know that your first contact with electronic music was in your teenage years, at 13. In what moment did this appreciation evolve and also became your profession? 

Toigo: The first time that I thought about becoming a professional DJ, was when I went on my first Rave, in 99. Until then, I was just fond of it. From 99 to 2011, a lot happened and I finally could start my career and have my first professional experiences. 

It’s been 30 years following the electronic music universe from up close, and more than 10 years of career. With so much time on the road, it’s only natural that musical tastes mature and preferences change as well. What is the main difference between the Toigo who started 10 years ago and the Toigo now?

I’m more confident in my choices as a DJ and I have more resources to navigate the different dancefloors and audiences.

It’s no news that the sound industry is very competitive worldwide. But talking about Brazil, specifically in the South, where you started, how’s the market there and what do you consider essential to stand out among so many names? 

I believe that the determining factor was to quickly establish my base in São Paulo, where I certainly have more opportunities.

We are already halfway through the year and we want to know: how has 2022 been so far for you? Too many projects?

I’m focused on my business projects and stabilizing my bars. I am the creator and manager of Bonita e Guapísima in São Paulo and also keep playing and enjoying.

In April you opened the bar Guapísima, in São Paulo, and you’ve been taking a lot of quality music there. Tell us a little about the idea of the bar and what the experience has been like so far:

Guapísima is a bar that has high quality food and that at a given moment turns into a club. Every Friday we have me and Xelão (resident DJs) and guest DJs. Starts early. It opens at 7pm and late at 10pm it starts to get more cheerful and it goes until 02:30am.

Speaking of experiences, you performed at two great clubs that recently opened in Brazil, Surreal Park and Komplexo Tempo. How were those experiences?

Surreal lives up to its name. I played before WhoMadeWho and got to a full dancefloor. It was amazing and the greatest vibe.

Komplexo Tempo was amazing, because I was the first DJ to play in that space. I simply had the opportunity to open the first event. Fantastic place that will surely make history.

We are coming to the end of the conversation and we really want to know about your latest release, the “Fearless” EP, which was even your first one categorized as Indie Dance. What were the inspirations for this EP? How was the production process?

I was listening and playing a lot of Indie. I was enjoying the songs more and more and I felt they had the vibe I wanted on the dancefloor. It was all kind of natural and I know there’s a lot of space and sounds to explore.

Now, officially wrapping up, we want to know what we can expect from Toigo in these last months of 2022?

Toigo: A lot of dedication in finding new timbres. I want to mix it all up and see what happens!!!

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