Australian duo The Journey is a collaborative project between Tom Evans and Jacob Malmo. With a release lined up on Rafael Cerato’s Ritual label – featuring vocals from Stace Cadet – we decided to find out more about the duo’s origins, the influences behind their music, the approach to their latest release and where they hope The Journey will take them..

Pre-order their latest EP, Chasing feat. Stace Cadet, on Beatport

When did you two first meet? What was the conversation like?

J. We met in 2010 at a club in Melbourne called Q Bar (which no longer exists). Tom was a resident DJ at the time and I was a punter who was cutting his teeth at the bar trying to get a gig myself. I most likely tried to suck up to him from memory and knowing Tom he probably would have given me a few drink tickets so I would go away. 

How long did it take you to start writing music together, and what did you want to make?

T. The first track we wrote together was actually a remix for Stace Cadet funnily enough. The track was called Molly Happy and we put a bit of an acid spin on the original. It was only the early stages of trying to find a sound we both enjoyed and looking back on it, it is quite different to the music we are producing today.

Who does what, do you each have specific skills you bring to the table?

J. We both have wide range of skills that we bring to the partnership that make everything run smoothly. Tom comes from a much more musical background then me where as I have been working in the back end of the industry for many years in touring/events and have strong social skills. I have spent a lot of hours playing a whole range of genres over the years as a DJ so I would like to think I have a decent understanding of electronic music. 

T. I think it’s extremely important to have a well rounded team and in the end have a common goal.

And do you have similarly musical backgrounds, personal backgrounds, is that why it works, or is it opposites attract?

T. I play a number of instruments and have always had an interest in creating new sounds but I was predominately a drummer. In regards to our personal lives we most definitely have similar social interests which makes travelling all the more fun.

J. We do like a beer or 6 🙂

How did you link with Stace Cadet for the new one?

J. I actually met Stace Cadet at a festival in 2011 called Strawberry Fields. He proceeded to walk around singing in my ear for the day and knew that he had something special.

T. We have been good friends for years and have worked on many other projects in the past. Jacob was actually overseas when we started writing Chasing and knew straight away that this was one of those special tracks that was being born.

Who wrote the lyrics? Does the lyrical content matter or is it more just the sounds of the voice?

T. All lyrics are generally up for interpretation however we wrote them one afternoon after a heavy day of studio and beers. Chasing’s lyrics hold significant meaning to me especially as its rather reflective of past life experiences. 

What inspired or influenced the tune? Was it written for a certain time in the night or a certain club?

 J. Once we started getting the main frame work of the record down it really started to feel like a summer tune, full of good feelings and positive vibes. 

T. Compared to other music we have written it is a little more accessible which we feel could extend our audience a little more which we think is great. As DJ’s or Producers we never wanted to pigeon hole ourselves into a genre and want to be able to express ourselves with our music.

When you DJ together how does it work, and do you play the same sort of music that you make?

J. When playing we usually play one to one to keep ourselves entertained (Unless someone needs a long toilet break ;)). We have been djing collectively for over 25 years so we have a pretty deep collection of music which enables us to go in different directions in our sets. 

T. It depends on the venue really. I think i good DJ plays to their set time and has a good read on what the crowd wants. There are so many DJ’s who just come and bang it out and don’t really have any understanding of what the room needs. I feel sometimes there needs to be a little more respect of the floor they are playing too and the people they are playing alongside.

What else have you got coming up?

J. We have a track coming out on Still Vor Talent and also Poesie Music this month which we are really excited about. Both are labels we highly respect and also have a lot of friends who release there so it’s good to be a part of the family.

T. We are working on a lot of music at the moment for 2020 and have some exciting collabs with some incredible Australian artists. We don’t want to say too much yet but lets just say it’s going to be tasty.

What dreams and goals and hopes do you have for 2020?

J. Just keep doing what we are doing and build on 2019. We would love to tick off a few more flags on our international touring map and work with some bigger labels in the process. We have met so many incredible people over the past few years and want to continue doing so.

T. We are hoping to play a few more bigger festivals in Europe next year and work with more of our friends over there. It would be nice to get over to the U.S soon and share our music also.