Hey guys! Great to meet you! Things are about to unlock properly around the world – are you excited or nervous about going back to clubs where you are?
The Journey (Jacob) – Hey Team, great to be here and have a chat with you 🙂 
Well, we have been fairly fortunate in Australia since late 2020 with the pandemic. During our winter last year we had a very strict lockdown in Melbourne for 110 days which saw our numbers plummet dramatically and get on top of the situation a little bit. This allowed for clubs, festivals and larger scale events to take place. To be honest though there was a level of social anxiety for me surrounding the whole thing because for so long we were segregated from everyone and basically stripped of what we did on a weekly basis, so going back to that face to face interaction was actually a little bit challenging for me. After a few weeks and events though, it did seem to get easier though….. just like riding a bike 🙂
Doppel – I’ve been very lucky to have had the opportunity to have been solidly gigging for the better part of this year which has been incredible. Definitely a little nerve wrecking but the energy has been palpable after such an extended time away.
Will your first set be full of party starting and fun classics or all the new music you’ve heard over the last year?
The Journey (Jacob) – Melbourne especially was absolutely bustling most nights of the week for a good solid couple of months through December-February and most people were up for anything! It was great to go through and play all the music that we collected through the lockdowns and only got to play on streams etc…. but now to people. I personally was excited for this fresh slate, because as DJ’s we could set the precedent for the sounds that were going to be heard in clubs again after 8 months of silence.
Doppel – I spent a decent amount of the lockdown writing an album along with a whole heap of new music so that was a huge part of it for me, having the opportunity to share everything I’d been working on and been collecting during the year. I think generally though the feeling was to play more festive, fun music rather than more introspective music to celebrate emerging from a pretty dark time.
Has it been weird making music with no club feedback, no DJ experiences?
The Journey (Tom) – It’s definitely been a different dynamic. I suppose it’s channeled me to improve on my writing techniques so that has been a positive outcome.
Doppel – It absolutely was. I feed off writing music to play out or that crowd response so trying to write for a totally different environment was a challenge – not necessarily in a bad way – but I welcomed the possibility of dancefloors opening up again as it completely changed what I was writing back to being focused on that which really reaffirmed the fact that I really want to write dance music.
How have you spent your time or used your creative energy in other ways?
The Journey (Jacob)  – During the lockdowns I really focused on my health both physical and mental. Pre Covid and beyond it was very busy for us so it was actually the perfect time to step back and just breathe. The music industry can be fairly tumultuous at times and you can quite easily be sucked into the vortex of partying and everything else that comes with it……..I started running and completed a marathon at the end of the year which was something I thought I would never do and picked up a few other hobbies like making candles that were extremely meditative for me.

The Journey (Tom) – I have a few other ventures so I managed to keep somewhat busy. I also jumped on the fitness train and did a marathon with Jacob and a number of other local musicians. Jacob made candles once for the record, hardly a hobby.
Doppel – I definitely focused on my health as well which I think is a fundamental ingredient to a creative mind. I was very lucky during the lockdown to be in a place where I could escape the city. I spent a lot of time cooking, being in nature and trying not to spend all of my time sitting in the studio.
How did you link up for this new EP? Why work together?
The Journey (Jacob) – We first linked up a couple of years back when Andy released on our label Ugenius Music with Child. We remixed their track with Jamie Stevens and from there we always spoke about doing something together. I vividly remember a fairly wonky dancefloor moment with Andy at Strawberry Fields in 2019, when we decided that we would work on an EP together… There’s something about those partying experiences you have with people, it’s like an unspoken contract that just happens…… Anyway here we are.

The Journey (Tom) – We also did a remix of one of Andy’s records Icarus in early 2019 which is where we realised our sounds really gelled quite nicely which opened that dialogue for collaboration.
Did you work online or in an actual studio? How different are you working with someone else vs solo?
The Journey (Jacob) – Literally a week before everything locked down in Australia, we travelled to Canberra to play a show with Andy. We discussed prior that we would do a full day in the studio to start framing some ideas that were already in place. Both tracks on the EP were in playable condition but were quite different to what they are today. It was good to test the tunes out at the show we played and see what sort of reaction we got. I must say that the full day we had planned turned into only a few hours due to the heavy socialising that took place the day before.
What inspired the sounds, where did you start on the music?
Doppel – I think all three of us share a love for specific sounds inspired by the clubbing, festival and natural landscapes of Australia. Both tracks were started from pretty basic sketches that were almost just a groove, but that’s often the most important thing. Both of them also have some very particular touches from both of our sounds as well which I love. It’s great when a collaboration flows naturally like that, you can’t force that kind of thing. It was a very symbiotic call and response and we all brought different elements to the table that complemented each other nicely without clashing.
What gear did you use to write it? Are you bothered about the tools you have?
Doppel – Pretty much all in the box in Ableton. Not bothered by it, I think often using limited tools forces you to be more creative with what you have (although the possibilities are kind of endless in Ableton). Collaborations are often made simpler this way as well, you can make the process confused and less focused if you overcomplicate it.

The Journey (Tom) – Creatively it was all in the box. On the mixdown I used a Rupert Neve Satellite 16 summing mixer and a few other little hardware numbers.
Do you make tunes to play in your own DJ sets, are the two related like that?
The Journey (Jacob) – For us we try to play as many as our own records in our sets if they fit the right scenario. I don’t think producers should feel the need to play all their own records in their sets unless they play Live like Andy does. The two are completely separated. I must say though I do push back a little more than Tom when going to select one of our own tunes. Not sure if it’s a complex but i know a lot of other artists feel the same way. 
Doppel – It’s almost unintentional but I either play all of my own tunes in a set or none of them. Most of my bookings are to play live and I really love playing sets of entirely original music, but I definitely relish the opportunity to play DJ sets every once in a while. I try to slot my own tunes into DJ sets when I play them but it just never seems to come up naturally, I do it more often these days than I used to however.
What else have you got coming up/are you working on?
The Journey (Tom) – We have a quite a lot of works happening at the moment that we are really excited including some exciting collabs, but in regards for scheduled stuff we have a couple of our favourite artists remixing our single “Secret’s” which we released last year which we can’t say too much about just yet + a release on Stil Vor Talent with Bebetta on remix duties. 🙂

Doppel – I’ve just come to the end of a pretty stacked album tour over the last 6 months which is crazy to say after last year so I’m taking a bit of a breather, setting up a new studio space and moving to a new part of the country and looking to spend a few months writing new music. I have a few EPs and releases coming up however – a 2 track EP on Open Records and putting together a remix package for my album Eucalyptograph which was released on Open earlier this year.


The Journey & Doppel’s “Rusted Tongue” the EP is out now on Ugenius Music

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