Hey guys, how are you, what’s good and bad in your world?
Hello guys thanks you for inviting us to this interview.., good question in a nice period to remember lol: D … in this period unfortunately there is a lot of frustration for the current situation that the world is facing, but there is a lot of desire to go and get back into the game waiting to return to normal in the world of the night and that’s what motivates us to going ahead 🙂
How have you dealt with the pandemic, what’s it been like?
Alot of production and home studio, sport (Home Gym) and Netflix…and in loop nowadays 😀
When did you two first meet, what made you want to work together?
We met more than 12/13 years ago when we worked for local radio station, and re-meet casually again in the same period for the first solo productions in the same little record label…since then we have decided to try to join forces for a new project and is born THE DEEPSHAKERZ project.
Who does what in the studio? Does each of you have your own sound that you bring?
We work in 2 different studios and we have all the equipments needed to do our work…we usually work in different DAW (ableton and Logic Pro) but with the same way to arrange, and we have a constant confrontation when one of us is starting to work on an new idea … so that we can improve it better.
Are you similar or different in terms of personality and taste?
Mmmm not exactly, we both love the percussions and the afro vibe, but we try to blend this common taste in different genres…me (Dom) I have a particular inspiration for everything that is GROOVE, and Mirco for what is innovative and melodic!
Tell us about the new EP on Mother? What inspired it?
Mother is a label that we always followed and loved, very serious on their work and is one of few remaining labels to believe in the vinyl yet…and for this EP we had a pure inspiration for the pure clubbing mood of nowadays to the old club and disco vibes of the 90’s.
Is it weird making music with no djing and no crowd interactions?
Yes but it is not difficult…of course, it would be cool to test a new idea in the crowd and back in the studio maybe to fix anything if wrong in the mix or arrangement…but for this period we are relying purely on our instincts and immagination!!
What’s your favourite type of party to play and what’s the best set time for your sound?
Good question, because every situation is different…we have seen people (50-60 max) enjoy as crazy in a club and a more than 1500 people having boring times in the floor in some festivals or other…the venue and the soundsystem are important thing for the good result of a party…We prefer usually the peak time set!
Do you collect gear, hardware or software? Do the tools matter?
Not particularly, we use only hardware/software we are sure to exploit 100%… I don’t understand people in this business, that collect a lot of synt, drum machine etc..just to make the coolest pics on socials…..and when hear their works….OMG!!! 😀
What else you got coming up?
We are working hard to make our profile ever more solid, and also a lot of projects and investment for our own Imprint SAFE MUSIC
What have you missed most about not partying and playing? 
That sensation before playing the first record, and that warmth makes us feel the people when their minds are totally free on the dancefloor 🙂

The Deepshakerz “Funky Bongos & Put You On” EP is out now on Mother Recordings