Silvio Soul is a Brazilian DJ and Producer who recently unveiled his ‘Love Me For Me’ release on AME Records. Silvio, as well as being a DJ and Producer is the founder of both AME and Laroc Clubs. We got to speak to him in our continued Artist Spotlight series.

‘Love Me For Me’ is available now via Beatport:

How have you started 2021?

I started 2021 with the great expectation that this pandemic will end. I can’t wait for everything to normalize, I miss the parties so much.

During the lockdowns, how have you stayed proactive, what’s been your routine?

First of all, family, and I am always looking for new business and music, I am very committed to the studio.

Love Me For Me is the latest release on AME Records, how has the label been going and how happy are you with this emotive release?

Ame Records is a project that I am very dedicated to, it has always been a great desire of mine to have a label. I am satisfied with the results and working for Ame Records to have a solid future.

AME and Laroc club, due to the pandemic these have taken a back seat – what is the outlook for this year with the clubs?

At that moment I can only think about the return of the parties. After the pandemic is over, who knows… maybe I’ll start another club

For AME Records, what type of artists are you looking to invite to the label, what can we expect?
We are looking for all the best that matches the label, it would be great to receive some Melodic Techno demos.

How are you in the studio, a very hands-on artist? What creative processes can you tell us about when writing a track?

I have been inspired a lot by the Melodic Techno scene, not far away, when producing, I always start composing a melody that reminds me of something good, something that can emanate good feelings for people, and that works on the dance floor.

Where does your inspiration come from, any artists you can tell us who have inspired you most?

I can quote Kölsch, Lane 8, Avoure and Massane, currently.

Away from music, what can we find Silvio doing?

Always Entrepreneur looking for new business
Finally, please share a track which is close to your heart.

I need to mention two songs: ‘’ Chambers ’’ which was my resumption as a producer, and the first release of Ame Records, this song marked my history as a DJ, and ended up becoming an anthem of Ame Club and ‘’ Wonder ’’ by Avoure & Hexlogic, this song has inspired me for life!