Hey Roberto, great to meet you!! We are big fans of your legendary DWA label 🙂
Thank you my friends!
How has your summer been so far?
Everything is OK, this year I decided to stop touring so I’m home and organized a remix series for my first record “Don’t Cry Tonight.”

Does hot weather and warm days change the sort of music you play and make?
Summer is always a sort of inspiration for dance music and during the 90’s I was “the King” of summer hits…ahah

You’ve just released some remix packages of your infamous track “Don’t Cry Tonight” for its 40th anniversary. How did you decide on the artists you chose to remix it?
Mainly they are friends. I know Federico Scavo for many years, and PAS is a young artist who works in the studio where I do my things. Sonic Sinergy are friends from the Brescia area. Other remixes are working for the 3rd set which will be released in November.
Where does inspiration come from for you – dreams, emotions, films?
It depends, sometimes from other music, sometimes from life, sometimes from real stories.

How do you judge the success of yours and the labels music and does it matter?
I think that I have to ability to do melodies that remain in the head of people. I like songs that people can sing, pop songs. The success of DWA was the right music in the right moment, and I was lucky to find good artists like Alexia, Double You, Ice Mc, Corona, artists that can dominate the Stage.

What else have you got in the works?
At the moment the right celebration for the 40th Anniversary of Don’t Cry Tonight! Next year it will be the 40th of Only You!!! Fans are waiting for them, vinyl collectors too…. I also want to re-release the original versions of them because many DJ have destroyed their records during the years….
I also received a call from my old friend Zucchero do do a new song together….a new Baila Morena?

What was the last record you bought that really made you go wow?
I like the last Depeche Mode, that’s my world you know! They made a great job.
I went to see them live in Las Vegas a few months ago, and they still have a lot of energy!!!!

Savage – Don’t Cry Tonight (40th Anniversary Remix – Episode 2) is out on 21st July on DWA Records

Grab it here