How has the last year been for you?
Hi everyone! This year has been tough, I can’t deny it. But at the end I’m feeling blessed to have had the change to focus more on my music. This year I’ve got a lot of music for you
What were the best and worst moments of it?
Honestly I’ve suffered more the second round of the pandemic, right after last summer. Having to give up the personal contact of your most beloved one for the second time was hard but in anything you can find positivity if you are motivated enough to come through. 
Did you learn any new skills, enjoy the extra time at home, or pine for the pandemic to be over?
That’s the positive and most crucial part for me! I’ve developed the most of my production skills during the last year. Sometimes finding your own sound and taste needs isolation and concentration. 2020 was the perfect time to do it.
Tell us how you got to where you are – what has your musical journey been like?
My passion for music was born thanks to my big brother. He is eight years older than me and I’ve passed my adolescence trying to convince him to take me to the club!
When I became of an age I started selling tickets for my favorite parties to get free entrance, than step by step I created my own team and then after a few years my own party alongside my passion and feeling for djing and production.
After a break from clubs I discovered I could not do without them and I came back more motivated then ever to express myself through my music. It’s all thanks to first sharing booths with Supernova and my brotherly bond with my manager, Giorgio Ferrari, that I had the chance to sign my very first release on Lapsus Music! Now I just need this journey to be a long-life journey. 
What is most important to you when making music, what do you like to be the main character of your tunes?
First rule is no rules. I’m not a big fan of schemes and I hope this is felt in my music. Beyond that I give huge importance to top lines melodies, whatever the music genre, taste and feeling.
Dance music has got very political in the last year, should it be, or should that be left out?
Music should be just the expression of ourselves. In some case this is a normal consequence that it affects political and social issues. But I will always prefer to stay between my booths or in the crowd.
How did you link with Mizbee for your tune on Lapsus? Did you work together in person?
I already knew Mizbee for her breathtaking voice and for her magical touch. Fortunately our common friends Supernova have been like Cupid for us. We met in Florence and this has contributed a lot to the realization of this record in which I personally see something more romantic than what you might think.
What else have you got coming up?
I have a lot of things in my mind and the most of them coming out soon! May will be the month of a brand new release on Blackboard in which you will listen to the most melodic part of me. I’m really looking forward to it also because it will include a remix from the legendary Audiojack! After May, summer 2021 is full of music, but for the moment is all still top secret. 
What would be your ideal first party back once we can return to dancefloors – where, when, who is playing? What is your set time?
In this very moment, I would love a great sunset party. Likely by the sea! You know, one of those parties in which  the feeling of freedom and the power of nature is highly perceptible by all the human senses. I hope and I’m sure it will happen sooner than we expect!

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