Hey Richard, how has summer been for you so far?

Hey guys, I am just enjoying the moments how my little daughter is growing day by day. I am amazed how she learns something new every single day. Who knows, maybe tomorrow she will play for me on the piano her first song J

How have you survived the last year? What got you through it?

My biggest challange was to digest the fact that I will be a father. Many people experience it everyday but everybody feels differently about it. Besides I was thinking over my life, music carrier with my band etc. Finally I realized how good being alone without a band and create. No borders or pressure, only my rhythm, taste and impressions. This fresh solo project got me through and helped to believe that I can be prepared to welcome and save this new life until I live. My baby was born in the middle of pandemic like my new songs. 

Tell us about your recent “Travel The Unknown” EP on neiko?

The songs from Travel the Unknown tell the story of the process of becoming a parent from the moment the feelings, joy and fear swirl in me when I turn out to be a father, through 9 months of waiting until the miracle of birth. The album’s cover image – made with analog polaroid technique – is also reminiscent of the first ultrasound image.

Why and when did you first get into modular synths?

I think modular and semi modular synths give me more freedom in creating music. The musical results are unpredictable. Raising a kid is very similar to playing on modular synths. No same days, every moment is different so you never get bored.  

I play my songs with tiny changes during improvisation which makes all the performances special and unique. New ideas are coming on-the-go so the composition can develop along.

How did your hometown of Budapest inspire the EP? 

I love this city. It has so many different faces. Danube, our beautiful river cuts in two the city but 8 bridges connect them in the same time. This duality I found very interesting because I could draw a parallel with my life situation. The ship, like a moving island, separates itself from everything, moves forward all the way, looks to the future and at the same time exudes serenity. Everything around it is going in its own bed, but it is changing unpredictably and constantly. It’s like watching the world through a bottle from quarantine. For me, this parallel best illustrates how childbearing feels in this uncertain world.


What is the music scene there like, what is life in general like?

Now everybody is looking for the new opportunities. The rebuilding of the industry goes very slowly because nobody knows if we will face another lock-down or not. Big festivals were cancelled, many musicians found other jobs to survive and some of them disappeared, didn’t want to play anymore. We have to rethink the previous usual habits and try to plan at least a few months before but it is hard. 

Tell us about your love of space travel and how the concept of birth inspired your new music? 

Without any sound it can be mysterious. My secret dream is to travel to space. I hope it can happen in my lifetime. If you know Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk please ask for me some discount. I will appreciate it. J

Why does vintage hardware appeal to you? What is it that you like about it?

My favorite vintage instrument is my Fender Rhodes electric piano. I remember when I was first playing notes on that and listening to how the sound evolved. I felt like this is the sound what I wanted subconsciously in my entire life. That warm, rich, slightly out of tune tone has changed everything. That was the moment that set me on the path to composing this kind of music. I think these old instruments have soul. 

Was else have you got moving up/are you working on?

I am enjoying the concerts where finally I can perform to people. I’ve really waited for these moments. Also working on new songs. I am planning to release a new EP around October/November. It is a very exciting period now and really waiting to show you guys. 


Travel The Unknown is out now on nieko

grab it here