Hey Rey&Kjavik, lovely to connect with you!! How has summer started for you so far? 

Thanks for having me here. Summer has started smooth so far. Hanging in the swimming pool areas and parks in our city and enjoying the weather. At the evenings I enter the studio and on the weekends it ́s travel time. This upcoming weekend to Istanbul and Naples.

What would you say has been the most important lesson learnt in your career?

Oh that’s basically more than just one lesson. I think life teaches us every day so many things. First of all, I feel blessed to be able to live this life as an artist with all its challenges, up and downs, to travel the world, see it through my eyes and meet so many beautiful souls all over the globe. I for my part learned over the years to listen to my body and take it much easier these days and try to avoid any stress for example. I left this ‘higher faster further principle’ we use to say. We always can have more, but we need to learn and understand on one point to be happy with what we already achieved, otherwise you do run your whole life behind expectations. Another point, as a young producer you need to be careful with the choice of the record-label you release the music on. In the beginning everyone is happy when a label want to sign the music, but you maybe will not be part of the label you normally want to join but didn’t get any answer. There is so much politics you not aware of that could block your original dream afterwards. So, for example it could be better to open your own label, sharpen your style and do your thing till your moment comes to be where you wanted to be. Believe in yourself and your idea.

How and why did you first get into electronic music?

Back in the days when I grew up my hometown Frankfurt was one of the key cities for electronic music in Germany. Influential Clubs, Magazines, Radio shows and labels was founded here. So electronic music was all around and it was easy to connect with quality and knowledge about the scene. So next to my endless love for this music we all love to get lost in, I was lucky to be born here and could enjoy it since my early years.

What has been your favourite venue to play so far?

There is no favourite venue, because all of them are unique in their own way. I do know so many promoters and club owners who are doing great jobs and it would be unfair to point out some. When we talk about a place that affected me the most over the last years, it was definitely Black Rock Desert back in 2015. The vibe, the emotions and conditions has been one of a kind back then.

Tell us about your new Charu Esha EP – what inspired it?

That is total simple, just my emotions. Sometimes you dance, sometimes you get goosebumps, sometimes you smile, sometimes you have tears of emotions and sometimes it ́s all of it together in the studio. I don ́t have a plan or construct upfront in my head. I just start to produce and what comes out is it. That ́s the honest me I can give. So, for me it’s important to just listen to my feelings while I produce. Even when upfront all this knowledge you gain out of the Backend-Statistics of the Streaming-Services these days could make you crazy as an artist. I do know what songs could work very well, as you can see it on streaming numbers, but this makes you a delivery service for music. In my eyes art is not successful just because of the number of streams, it’s much deeper than this. Imagine a painter gets paid for ‘how long’ and ‘how many’ people stay in front of his painting in a gallery or museum. It ́s not working like this and I’m very happy about it.

What was the last tune you bought and why?

The Vinyl LP of ‘Demedim Mi’ by Insanlar. Released in 2019 on Rush Hour. Just a great timeless Longplayer. I streamed it a lot and it was about time to finally collect it.

And what record never leaves your bag?

It might sound selfish but it ́s my own ‘Baba City’.

What do you have coming up?

There is a lot of new music coming up, my new live set and a new collection of my RKJVK Streetware including Hoodies, Shirts or Shorts.

Rey&Kjavik EP “Charu Esha” is out now on RKJVK

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