How are you, how has the last year been?

Well I’m good, since the world is back we can see the light :D, last year was quiet, but quiet for me means more studio time. I think this “pause” was a really good point to reflect on life. 

What scene did you come up around, what parties, labels got you into dance music?

The last 15 years were intense. I used to be in a duo before the Raw Main’s project. I also used to be a promoter, ran a label, built an agency, and work as a studio engineer. I did so many things, at the end of that I forgot why I was into music.

Then I decide to leave and re-start from the beginning with a new project alone 😀

What is the scene like in France now – healthy and exciting? 

Lots of good clubs and artists coming through. The scene is amazing in France. If we take a close took, every week there are headliners, big DJs, and amazing artists playing at different parties. We can thank the old artists who paved the way for today.

For clubs, I think we should probably wait until next year with the pandemic we don’t know what tomorrow may bring.

Does being from France mean your sound is different to say someone from berlin or chicago?

Of course, we all have our own influence, or approach to the music, that’s why it’s really interesting it’s like giving a remix to 100 artists they will all do something different even if they got the same influence. Of course, living in another country gives you another influence, but every artist grows up with something different.

Tell us about your new one for WAYU – what inspired it, when was it written and where?

For the little story… I was with my son drinking coffee on a terrasse like every Parisian does when it’s not raining. I was listening to the music in the restaurant and the music was “No Soy del Valle” from Quantic & Nidia Gongora. I got this song stuck in my head all weekend. I then decided to do something with that song, because making an edit is like a new challenge. I’m a big fan of making edits. It’s a good exercise to evolve in music. So I did the edit and decided to put a story on Instagram. That’s when I received a message from Julian (WAYU) saying he loved the song and to please let’s do something about releasing it. I told him, it was an edit. He told me he can work to get the rights for releasing it and we release it on WAYU Records, and I say DEAL! He did all the administrative procedures to clear the samples, and here we are over a year later!


How much did being locked down change the mood and style of the music you were making, or did it not?

It didn’t change my music in a proper way, but the evolution of an artist and lockdown makes you working more and growing faster.

Every 6 month, an artist evolve. Also, taking care of myself a little bit. Sport, food, and stopped the excess of life. We all depend on the environment where we live.

You don’t use samples right, everything you produce is made by yourself? Why take that approach?

I have been recording many sounds the last few years that I am re-using in my tracks. Of course, I use samples, I’m working on a computer with Ableton live, so I’m using samples, but loops, not so much ( sound bank).

When I start a new session I just got my Sessions pre-patched with all my devices and I start with an empty session.

There are many ways to make music, and my way, I need devices ( Synth, or drum machine)

Your bio says your music may be ethnic – after everything that has happened with BLM, is it ok in 2021 for a white person to make music that is described as ‘ethnic”? Why?

In electronic music, there are no rules just code (bpm…), if tomorrow I want to invite a friend to record, percussion, Oud, or a Flute and putting this on a new track why not? For me in 2021 music is no skin colour. And we got this chance that we can find music from all over the world on YouTube, Spotify or whatever stream platform.

What else have you got coming up/are you working on?

Well as I work harder there is always something new coming, please take a look on my Instagram sometimes I put information about what’s coming.

What have you missed most about the last year and being away from clubs and DJing?

CROWD, if you ever feel just one time a crowd dancing on your music, you will understand.

That’s why I’m a Dj, I like to make people dance. That is my job 😀


Raw Main “Se Llama Cali” released on Wayu Records

Grab it here