Swedish DJ and Producer Rasange, known for his high quality melodies and progressive sounds, divulges several topics with us in this exclusive artist spotlight interview. He’s had a great start to 2021, with two releases under his belt, his latest being the ‘Deep Blue’ collaboration out now on Trusted Tracks as we will discuss.

‘Deep Blue’ on Beatport: https://www.beatport.com/release/deep-blue/3279891 

It was a difficult year for all in 2020, how did it personally affect you?

2020 was a year with a lot of isolation and longing for the “normal” life to come back. Both socially, with friends and family in mind, as well as in the event and DJ’ing aspect.

Missing out on meeting relatives, going to parties, shows and traveling made me a bit depressed, just as everyone else. However, it made me focus a lot on our label, new music, my education and preparing new material for our shows once the restrictions will let us play events again. So even though the pandemic has been bad in certain aspects, it has made me grow as an individual in other areas.

Staying creative and motivated must have been a challenge, how did you do it?

Being motivated all the time has been an issue for me, especially when I produce alone. I had my months where I would just spit out ideas and tracks but also months where I thought everything was unoriginal and not “me”. The thing that has kept me on the right track during these times is largely due to Ito Cekaj and others around me at our studio complex. Seeing other artists and exchanging ideas, information and tracks with them, made me creative and motivated to pump out more music.

How is the scene in Sweden, at least when everything was normal? Inspiring, full of creativity, young artists and a good collective spirit?

The scene in Sweden is sadly a bit after the rest of Europe, still going on the “mainstream” genres and DJ’s. There are however some movements towards expanding techno and the closely related genres. Some forward-thinking organizers have started booking more and more techno and melodic techno acts such as Mathame, Boris Brechja and Charlotte de Witte, which is very exciting. Then there is of course the raves of the underground scene, which is expanding quickly.

New, inspiring and very talented producers are something that there is a lot of, always pushing and helping each other out. So far I haven’t met a single one that has been unwelcoming or unhelpful.

Tell us about the new music ‘Deep Blue’ on Trusted Tracks – What is the story behind this?

‘Deep Blue’ came to life in a studio session with Ito Cekaj, Guido Flava and I. We had just started with a kick, then wanted to add a bass using our Sub37. After getting the right sound, we ran it through some really experimental processing and got this whale-like sound out of it, hence the name ‘Deep Blue’. We were all taken by surprise when we first heard it. Then we just had to record it and use it somehow because of the uniqueness of the sound.

We wanted the track to feel raw but still have beautiful elements to it, trying to capture the essence of the home of the whales. Having this rolling synth sound to keep the track driving and moving forward. Creating suspense and a kind of euphoria in the break, then having the big climax when it all explodes. We used it in our sets a few times over the winter and got some great reactions to it, which makes us even more excited to release it.

It’s a very melodic and deep track – why are melodies such an important factor for you?

Personally, I have always been really invested in my melodies. Starting from when I just got into the electronic scene overall. At the start of my producing career I was really into the swedish music era of Avicii, Alesso and Otto Knows, which many people were at that time. It was always the beautiful melodies that got to me and I think I just took that with me as I jumped between genres to where I am today. They can really make a groovy and deep track feel beautiful and unique.

Are you formally trained in music, can you play any instruments for example?

I have some formal training in piano from high school, studying both piano and production. It certainly helped me a lot with structuring of tracks, mixing, harmonies and the way I look at music overall. However, it can also restrict you in some areas, as when you are formally trained, you tend to stay within the rules that exist within music. That’s why you need to look for ways to break these rules while still keeping the integrity of the music.

If you could play in one venue or location around the world, where would it be and why?

At the moment it has to be Tomorrowland. After visiting it with friends and feeling the atmosphere, meeting the people and seeing the massive production, it is for sure the goal. There are however some honorable mentions like Zamna Festival in Tulum, Awakenings in Netherlands and HI Ibiza.

What’s next for you, are you working on any more projects?

We have a lot of stuff going on right now, new music, a new live set and a close conversation with event organizers for some really cool opportunities and shows. Can’t wait to share everything with the world!

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