How are you? What’s good, what’s bad in your world?  

Hey there, I’m doing great – can’t complain. Trying to stay healthy and productive during this rather strange time in our lives. 

What have you most missed during year during the pandemic? 

Aside from playing, I’m definitely missing my industry friends. It’s been hard to gather because of the pandemic and a lot of people in the Brooklyn and NYC area have found new ways of living, whether relocating with their loved ones or finding additional streams of revenue. It’s a tough time to be in for a lot of us, so unfortunately if it means adjusting your everyday life then some must take it to that extreme.

Will you change your routine once things are back to normal based on anything you have discovered or learnt about yourself this year? 

Absolutely! I’m never again going to take the outdoor activities for granted. I’ve spent a ton of time inside, especially now that it’s winter. Having its ups and downs, it has positively impacted my studio time and enabled me to start Techno Brooklyn Records, among other side projects. All in all I’ve been staying somewhat productive to say the least!

Why start a new label – what’s the mission, what is the label inside day? 

Techno Brooklyn Records was started by myself and my colleagues right around the time the pandemic started. Our mission is to gather and release music from our friends that we have either had as guests at our events or if one’s music is obviously a fit for our darker and ‘futuristic’ techno sound.  We have had two VAs thus far and I feel they have been quite successful. I’m excited to keep the releases alive in 2021 and beyond. 😉

What is the musical outlook of Techno Brooklyn Records – what music are you looking to sign? 

Our vision for Techno Brooklyn Records is to bring on up and coming producers that fit our niche. We are a tight knit group of like-minded individuals and we all share the same taste. Our goal is to bring a certain diversity to the label that will make us stand out from the rest. For example, we received an amazing tune called JUJU MAN from our talented friend Theo Nasa who went above and beyond with this production. He gave us a little taste of his musical flavour by incorporating almost a breakbeat kind of flare. Another tune I think was a huge standout was from Tapefeed which was included on RAVE: Pt. 1 called Comedic Entrapment. They gave us something that was a bit more of an industrial and warehouse-y type of vibe – surely something we like to describe as our type of sound.

Tell us how you picked the tunes for the new compilation?  

For RAVE: Pt. 2 I was able to work with my colleagues to receive a few amazing tunes. I really enjoyed picking out the music for this VA because it was so incredibly diverse. We also had the pleasure of receiving a few amazing demos which we hand-picked as a team. It’s amazing to see how much talent is out there. 🙂

Are you a gear head – do you love the hardware or software you use to make music?  

At the moment I’ve just relocated my studio to a new space so there’s a few things still laying around. During my normal hours of production I use the Maschine 2 controller, while my synths are usually created with Komplete Kontrol. I’ve been dabbling with a few new software synths which at the moment my favorites are Diva, Re-Pro5, and Sylenth1. I’m sure you can tell I am a big advocate of Native Instruments. Really loving that they have been allowing 3rd party VSTs to connect with Komplete Kontrol, makes the process so much easier when finding which synth to use for a specific track.

What is your signature sound, what do you pride yourself on?  

My signature sound is on the darker and more euphoric side of techno, while keeping it steady and synth-driven. I like to include rather lengthy breaks in my music – it gives myself the freedom to form a more creative twist that leads to a heavier drop. Unfortunately, this can lead to getting stuck at times ha!

Where do you find inspiration? Do you listen to other music or watch certain films? 

I like to listen to other artists whom I currently admire for inspiration. I’ve also got my eye on a few labels that I’m constantly taking notes from. New labels like Exhale have already released music of a few names that I’ve never heard and am now a huge fan.

What else are you working on or what projects do you have in the pipeline? 

I have been editing TV shows on the side, so this has kept me fairly busy over the past few years. I studied film at the University of Rhode Island so I like to keep a little piece of my undergraduate studies with me from time to time. I’ve also started a cocktail concept with a few business partners which I’ll be working on in the coming months as well. 

What is the music you have listened to most this year? 

I’ll usually have Spotify on hip hop radio and at other times I’ll tend to listen to a bit of alternative rock. As much as I love techno, definitely necessary to switch it up every now and then!


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