Welcome to Sweet Music! How are you, what’s good and bad in your world right now?

Hey guys, thanks for having me. I think it is a big privilege to release music and live a „normal” life in these crazy times where a lot of people are suffering
and dying just a few hundred miles away from us. Somehow it feels really wrong.

Loving the new single on Poesie Musik! Where and when did you produce it and what was the inspiration behind it?

Oh thanks! I think I came up with the idea of the song in January this year. I think it all started with the groove and the strong bassline. Everything else kinda appeared around it.

What gear do you use when making music, does that matter to you?

I have some outboard gear like a Moog Sub 37 and a Nord Stage 2 but to be honest, mostly I´m working in the box because its so much faster. I often use my Roland TR 8 to find some good grooves in the beginning.

Why are you drawn the melodic sound, what is it about the genre that you love?

For me, melodic elements are really important in music. They transport emotions and easily get me into different moods. So it is clear that I produce melodic music.

When did you first meet Marcel Young, why did you decide to work together? Who did what, did you each take care of certain parts of the music?

Maybe this isn’t romantic, but my publisher connected us and we just met online yet.
I had this instrumental and Marcel worked on the vocals in his studio. He came up with different ideas and we worked together by sending it back and forth many times. The accordion line in the beginning and in the break part was played by a good friend of mine and we recorded it here in my studio.

Where is your best environment as a dj? A small dark club or a huge outdoor festival stage? Late at night for the weirdos or early so you can play slow and eclectic etc?

Thats hard to say. It both has its own vibe and I like both. I love playing for a big crowd at daytime and outside, but in a small and dark club it sometimes is really special too. I would say it always depends.

How do you work, do you have an idea in your head you work towards or do you just experiment and jam and see what happens?

For me it often starts with a jam to find a good melody or just some nice chords. From that stage I go on with drums and grooves and shape everything around it.

What is next for you after this single?

There is a lot of new music already in the pipeline and some gigs to play – really looking forward

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