How are you, how was 2019 for you, what was good or bad?


2019 was a great year for me. Besides touring a lot, my focus was totally on my debut album. So I spent most of the time in the studio or at home with the instruments.


Can you remember the first time you heard electronic music? Why did it capture you?


I don’t know when it was the first time actually, but it captured me while I worked after school for some months in a club in cologne as a bartender. The music was super energetic and a complete new world for me.


How long till you started DJing yourself?


I’ve never started DJing actually. I was a lot in studios where I first just played instruments for other artists and learned a lot. After some years, in 2013 I decided to start my own project. When it came to the decision how to perform on stage, it was completely clear that I wanted to play a live set with my own music.


Do you have a favourite environment to play in and what is that? Like a big crowd or small one, outside or indoors etc?


It’s different to say. It always depends on the people and the energy of the crowd.

I would say, if it’s indoor… small one! If it’s outdoor… big one!!


Why was now the right time for your new album, what was the catalyst?


I moved to Berlin in 2018 and released a lot of EPs before. I was somewhere stuck in the roster of creating music from 118 to 125 bpm. So I decided to produce an album, to be free!


What was the aim for it from the start?


To do only music that I like myself and I feel comfortable with. 


You use DAWs and real instruments right, how do you combine them? What do you use for what?


There is no rule in music at all. And this is also how I see things in my productions. Sometimes, the main Instruments are out of the DAW and the real Instruments just build a texture, and sometimes it’s just the other way around. 

It just depends on the mood I want to create in a track and then I start with the sound design. 


You also incorporate your own personal roots in the music – tell us how, and what chillness that presents?


I’m Kurdish from Iran and born in Cologne, Germany. So I was of course influenced by both cultures. I play music from both parts since forever. It’s like speaking different languages. This is quite funny. If you see a musician who is classically trained here in Europe and he should play Iranian Violin, he will have an accent. The same like if a German would learn to speak Farsi. There is no way in the beginning to do that without an accent. 

The difference is, in music there are no borders. You can mix languages as much as you want to create something new. This is what I try! 


What hopes and dreams and goals do you have for 2020?


Playing a great Album Tour with my new Live Set, and of course, staying creative and producing a lot more music!


What else have you got coming up?


There will be some single releases soon after the album release and some amazing collaborations. Can’t wait to share them with you.


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