Hey guys, how are you? How are things with you currently on a personal level?

Hi, we are currently in lockdown again in Kiev, so no gigs but lots of time for music, sports and family.


How has the last year been for you? What have you missed most and are there any positives that have come from it?

It’s been a tough year as for everyone in the club industry, but lots of time for music that we will start to release now. Also last year OFF NIGHT was created so its a significant year for us anyway.


How long have you been working together?

We first met about 6 years ago and for a long time were residents of one of the clubs in Kiev.

We were playing a lot together and therefore, we decided to combine our efforts and created a project OFF NIGHT.


Are there any artists in particular that you’ve taken a lot of inspiration from?

We have a big influence from the sound of 80s, we think you can hear it in our music. Our taste has been formed over the years, now we are bringing our ideas to life. At the moment, the club scene is full of interesting producers who inspire and fascinate with their ideas and non-standard sound. We think you know many of them – Colyn, Denis Horvat, Adriatique…


What’s the dynamic when you’re producing, do you both do everything or do each of you have your individual roles?

We work together all the time, but Oleg is more the «groove guy» and Max is responsible for melodic parts and mixing.


What was the inspiration for your recent ‘Suspended In Air’ EP?

It’s inspired by the sound of the 80s, we were trying to combine it with melodic house elements. This was the idea from the beginning and than vocal came in 😉



The legendary Robert Owens features on the EP, how did that link happen?

Robert is a true legend and the «voice of house music». It was always a dream to work with him, since we just started listening to house music. So we created a demo with his vocal cuts and sent them to him to check out. He liked it and agreed to do a collab with us.


Pete Tong supported on his BBC Radio 1 show – that must feel amazing to have his support so early into your career?

To be honest, we were blown away with this news. Last month we pitched our tracks to Sir Pete Tong and did not even expect such a result. It is very inspiring and gives strength to move on.


You’ve got remixes coming from Sascha Braemer and Oliver Schories, how did that come about?

So this is our first EP, we thought for a long time about which artists to invite for remixes. We are a young project and there was little chance that some of the established artists would agree, but we decided to send a request to Sasha and Oliver. And we were pleasantly surprised when they confirmed. Each of the artists with their own sound and vision. But in our opinion the release came out very original and powerful. We have already received nice feedback from Ame, Roger Sanchez, Claude Von Stroke, Sasha, Eelke Klijn and many more great artists ..


What are you guys working on now? Is there anything in the pipeline that you can tell us about?

New music for sure, we have done an amazing collab with Canadian vocalist Elly Ball and we are really looking forward to this release.


Pre-order the ‘Suspended In Air’ Remixes HERE