Hey Mr.ID, great to meet you, we’re big fans of your music at SM! How is everything for you right now?

Hey guys, wow what an honour. Thanks for having me! Everything is doing pretty good. Summer is very busy, many gigs in Morocco and internationally.


You’re based in Morocco, is that correct? Tell us a little more about the electronic music scene there, how has it progressed over the last 5-10 years?

It has exceeded my expectations to be honest. People show more and more interest to this genre which caused the creation of many events and festivals. Hence, we have now more Djs and producers in the scene and a lot of co creation and knowledge sharing with international Djs.


Are there any up and coming talents that you would recommend our readers to watch out for?

One recommendation : Elbaraka Family artists! We have some huge talents coming up and that have already started to make their name in the scene.


How did you yourself get into electronic music?

Thank you for that question, I feel like I don’t get it enough in interviews (laugh). I started with mixing other genres of music, but like completely different…I’m talking about hip hop or jazz for example. One day, I heard by coincidence a track from Louie Vega, it made me discover House music maybe for the first time, consciously. And I said to myself that’s simply amazing ! I got to do my research and see how it was different to what I was doing at that time. This is when I’ve put my focus on electronic music. After some time, I’ve felt inside of me that I wanted also to start producing and not only remixing tracks. I wanted to share with people a specific type of energy. And to make a point of difference vs the existing Djs, I took inspiration from roots moroccan music and in a more general aspect, African traditional sounds.

What’s the most memorable venue/gig/festival you’ve played in your career so far?

I always found this question difficult to answer. I have so many in mind … let’s say today (laugh) Caprices Festival in Switzerland.


And what one club/festival is at the top of your bucket list for the future?

Odys Festival that I’ll be playing end of August. I’ve heard many exciting things about it.


You recently released a single “Black Diamond” on Buddha Bar label, how did that one come about? 

This track has a special spot in my heart for many reasons ! It’s a Buddha Bar release, I take the opportunity to thank them. This track celebrates Africa through a mix of tones coming from Moroccan and other African roots. It’s also a tolerance and hope message as you can hear in the lyrics beautifully sang by my friend Andile Mbili, a very talented South African artist, to say that your difference is your strength, you are a Black Diamond!


Are you playing in France in the forseeable future?

I was in Cannes for « Plages électroniques » on August 8th. For the moment, in the near future I’ll be in Marbella, Amsterdam then Geneva. I loved playing in France so I’ll definitely be back there.


What else do you have coming up for the rest of 2022 that you would like to share with us?

Well, I’m so excited to announce to you that I have an album upcoming for the last trimester of 2022. I’ve put all my heart on it, I really hope you’ll enjoy it. Some singles also dropping soon and some gigs abroad. Follow me on Instagram @Mr.ID. Official so we can stay in touch and so you know everything that is cooking!


Mr.ID’s “Black Diamond” is out now on Buddha Bar

Grab it here