Great to have you involved with the Artist Spotlight series, how have you been spending your time recently?

Hello ! First of all thank you for having me. Recently and since a few months I’ve spent a lot of time in the studio, producing new tracks and EPs. I feel like there’s no better time to do this, it’s basically the only thing we can do.

Your ‘Aaliyah’ EP is out now on Sapiens, we had the exclusive premiere of one of the tracks, how has it been received?

Yes, it’s finally out and I am more than happy. I have received a lot of support from other artists and friends, I want to thank everyone by the way. I spent long hours creating these 4 tracks and the greatest reward I can wish for is that people like it as much as I enjoyed producing it.

How long have you been involved with music – when did you really start seeing it as your career?

My musical journey is quite long actually. I started playing guitar at 10, then got involved in a rock band as a bassist around 14. In 2013, I began creating electronic music with a friend and since then I’ve always been passionate about it. Then I launched Mooglie in January 2019 with a full time job in finance – a bit later I quit to be 100% involved in my musical project. That’s when Seb (Agoria) signed me to Sapiens. I’m very excited by what’s coming next.

You have been on record to talk about your love of contemporary sounds and jazz being mixed with electronic music. Your sound is certainly unique, who are your musical influences who helped form this?

To be honest, you can find a touch of jazz in all my music. Almost all of my melodies are created while jamming on jazz rhythms with my guitars. It is my main musical influence at the moment and the kind of music I listen to most. I started music when I discovered The Rolling Stones and they are huge jazz and blues fans and we both admire artists such as Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Marcus Miller, John Lee Hooker.

I personally feel that a lot of modern music is based on the revolutionary Kind Of Blue album by Miles Davis (1959) – and listening to it completely changed my vision and perception of the musical area we are in. Without this album, 60’s Pop-Rock music would have been very different – if you look at The Beatles’ artwork or even Prince’s work. Miles opened the way to electronic music by democratising the use of drum machines and synthesizers while exploring Jazz Fusion in the 70’s. I want to keep this in mind when creating my melodic techno tracks. It is my way of paying my respects to these legends and all of what their music has brought me – not only in a musical way but also in terms of emotions, memories and moments listening to it.

The ‘Aaliyah’ release is the second appearance on Sapiens, following the ‘Prelude’ EP in May. How did your relationship with Agoria form, did he get in touch with you or did you approach him?

My friend and manager Marvin introduced us. They got to know each other a bit earlier when Marvin booked him for the first Hangar festival he organized in Brussels in 2019. Since the release of the first EP, Prelude, Seb and I got closer and he is now very important in my musical project as a mentor and friend.

What is your creative process when sitting down to write a track, do you always start in the same way each time, or is every creative session different?

Most of my tracks are born while I was jamming on my guitars, playing jazz or blues. When I like a melody I transpose it on my keyboard and off we go. Sometimes, when I need a particular kind of track, for a label or particular project, it makes me work harder to find inspiration. But clearly each new project is very different and each studio session is different – sometimes I can finish two tracks in one studio session and sometimes I can’t even finish a track. But I guess it is the case for most producers out there.

For 2021, what are your plans and projects? We know everything is still uncertain for the moment, have you produced a lot of music like a lot of artists seem to have through the lockdown period?

I started working on a big project but unfortunately it’s a bit too early to talk about it but I’m looking forward to it a lot. I have produced a lot of tracks during lockdown, and can’t wait to be in a club to try them with a real audience.

Finally, any tips for other emerging artists you would like to share, which they might find useful in their journey in the world of music?

The best tip I can give as an emerging music producer is to be patient and work hard, very hard. There are so many of us pursuing the same dream, and many producers are doing an amazing job for the industry. It makes the electronic music scene more interesting and artistically diversified but on the other hand it becomes harder and harder to get our music shared.

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