Hey Momüs, how has the last year been for you personally?

Last year was a rollercoaster of emotions like everyone I think, lots of learnings and overall a very insightful and needed period. It was very painful at times but you only grow out of pain 🙂

What role has music played? Has it been an outlet?

Music is what I need the most in my life, I have a soundtrack for every moment and feeling. I’ve always loved to share music with friends, hence I bought a pair of 1200s and started collecting and DJing back in 2005, but only for friends. I just only recently made it a more “serious” activity.

Tell us about the beach club Yamba, what it is like to play there, to dance there, the scenery and setting? 

Yamba is a place where I want people to feel comfortable and happy with themselves, to connect with each others and the nature around us. Music plays a big part of it but not only: the food, the setting, the lighting, the staff attitude and overall gorgeous natural scenery are crucial too! Dancing is on pause at the moment so we are doing more live acts and listening sessions, but dancing bare foot in the sand looking at the sunset is one of the best things in the world.

Why have you decided to set up a new label? /What’s the aim, the vibe, who is it for, what sound does it showcase?

With the pandemic adding a layer of challenges to the business of Yamba, we had to adapt and it was a good time to focus on content and establish the musical identity of the brand. I spent time in the studio and produced 9 tracks, which will be released as the first 3 EPs of the label and imprint the musical color of the Yamba brand. First EP is housy and deep, second more techno and upbeat, third one disco and funk. They summarize the sound of Yamba. After that we will release productions from the Yamba incredible family of artists.

Tell us about the astral tides of Moon, Solar, and Earth and what they mean to you?

Our first three EPs have derived from our affection for the ocean and our connection to the Pulsar planets, which is all tied to the Yamba brand. Given our location in Portugal, we wanted to play with ocean waves and sound waves. Each individual tide brings a unique musical identity associated with the connotations of the Sun, the Earth and the Moon.


What inspired your new name EP, “Khoeli”? Where and when was it written?

Khoeli means “moon” in the Malawi language, Malawi is a country where we draw a lot of inspiration from – from the furnitures to the architecture, the design of the logo and more. We love the sound of the language too, hence this translation. 

Your music is warm, soulful – how did you come to that vibe?

Music plays an essential part in my life, and I believe in everyone’s too, some people just don’t realize I believe but subconsciously music has the power to make you feel anything. My goal is to spread love and good around me, put smiles on people’s faces, therefore warm and soulful grooves is what I can do best!

Did you pick DJ T. to remix – why him?

Thomas and I bonded last summer when he stayed with me in Lisbon for a few weeks, he was a big inspiration in my early DJ years with Get Physical, Groove Magazine and his overall influence in the electronic music scene. I immediately sent him the original track and he loved it, two weeks later he sent me this bomb remix!

What’s it like hearing your work remixed by other people?

I’m very proud to hear my music being reworked by one of my idols. He did an amazing job in a genre that I’m not so good at (UK/ Broken beat) and I’m super happy to count him on the first release. 

What else have you got coming up, both yourself, the label, and the beach club?

I have 2 more releases on the label coming up, a few nice gigs in boutique festivals this summer, and most importantly an incredible curation of artists coming to play at Yamba throughout the summer! I will also make sure everything is recorded, and working on a permanent livestream / TV setup for everyone to be able to enjoy the vibe, a la Boiler Room 🙂 

Thank you for the opportunity, hope to see you all in the sand of Yamba very soon!



Momüs EP “Khoeli” feat. DJ T. Remix released on Yamba Waves is out now

Grab it here