How has life in Miami been during the pandemic year? 
Miguelle: It was full of learning, maturity, and a lot of music for sure. 
Tons: It has been a year of a lot of personal and musical growth. Despite how different these months were, I am very grateful because I took advantage of this kind of recess that the world experienced. The last few months in Miami have been very flexible about the “virus” compared to other cities where the clubs are going to open step by step.
And personally, what have you done to stay happy, active, creative? 
Miguelle: You always have to bring out the positive side of any situation. During this time, I was able to refine my production further and make connections that could only happen during the pandemic. 
Tons: Every day is an opportunity that we have to be better than yesterday. Personally, my family, music, and achieving my goals is what keeps me moving. 
In a typical year, what is Miami’s scene like, what sounds are currently popular and exciting? 
Miguelle: This city never stops surprising; it is very cultural. I feel like there is music for everyone, which is good, so there is a lot of variety. Fast and groovy music takes over the scene in Miami every day.
Tons: Miami nightlife has no limits; every week, at least ten worldwide artists converge to perform in different clubs. The excellent tourist influx allows a wide musical variety. Still, the Latin and European essence on the minimal and house marks the predominant sounds. 
Tell us about your journey and how you got into dance music first, and how it has evolved?
Miguelle: From a very young age, I love everything that has to do with music and musical instruments. Over the years, I got involved in the house scene in my hometown. Thanks to the trips, I was able to enter even more into the world minimal house scene and meet musicians from all over the world, without leaving production aside. 
Tons: Most of my relatives are musicians or lovers; instruments and singers always surrounded me; that’s where my love for this art of creating sounds comes. At the age of 14, I started as a DJ. Since then, it has been an incredible evolution process; many trips, shows, and experiences have led me to stay focused on this industry. 
You have a minimal sound – why do you read to that? 
Miguelle: I love the minimal sound. I have always leaned towards those musical sides because I feel that music is unique. That makes it special to listen to unlimited music for hours; making you dance fills me with great joy. 
Tons: This sound is simple and complex simultaneously. The quality of the elements at the right time and place makes minimal a unique and fresh sound that adapts to any occasion. 
Tell us about this first release on your label Two and a Half Cats, what inspired it, influenced it, etc.? 
Miguelle: It’s funny because the name of the label comes from various thoughts; We both like Los Gatos, and in our house, we have two, one white and one black, which made me think even more about this name. 
Tons: Our first was ”TASTE” with Hip-Hop vibes, and ”TEKEN” loaded with a lot of Latin flow and Spanish vocals, keeping the minimal house essence. TWAHC comes because we want to share our art with the world.
And what is the M.O. of the label? 
Miguelle and Tons: ”TWAHC” will be released on all digital platforms. By mid-2021, on vinyl pieces and many free Edits for our Bandcamp account. 
Is it weird writing music without any clubs open? Has that affected your sound? 
Miguelle: Creating and testing in a club is very different from creating and just listening at home. You don’t feel the same feeling of seeing how they dance or listen to your song. But it didn’t affect me; it made me create each new track with more maturity. 
Tons: It wasn’t an obstacle. I found it quite interesting to have all this time available to create music and prepare even more as a producer. 
What else have you got coming up? 
Miguelle: With TWAHC, we hope to release this December collaboration with the Venezuelan R&B singer” Irepelusa”. By 2021 I will be releasing my album, a lot of music in cooperation with outstanding artists, so an excellent piece comes. 
Tons: For Two and a Half Cats, we have several collaborations with singers and producers, which we will frequently be posting. For the Miami Music Week dates, I will be sharing my first solo EP.
What do you hope to get for Xmas in an ideal world? 
Miguelle: I want there to be peace and that political problems do not affect the people, that we can all be free and go back to dancing in the clubs as soon as possible.
Tons: Peace, Love, Empathy, and music.

Buy Miguelle & Tons EP “Taste / Teken” released on Two and a Half Cats Records



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