Rising Belgium DJ and Producer, Maxi Meraki has been turning heads with his recent assortment of music and mixes, most notably on his regular Data Transmission radio show and Toolroom Records mix.

In the near future, Maxi will be unveiling music across various labels, but will soon be returning to 72 Pixels with the ‘Eastern Visions’ EP, a two-tracker, considered to be a slow burner. 

Maxi Meraki’s ‘Eastern Visions’ EP is out now available here


How has lockdown affected you? Where are you at present and what have you been doing?

Somehow in a good way I must say: finally finding the time to work on new music! Also putting more energy in(healthy) food and experimenting in the kitchen. Which resulted in my own @merakihungry__ foodblog on Instagram. To end I also started picking up my Spanish lessons again. So hopefully when we get to Spain this year I can talk about more than just ‘Cerveza’ and ‘Chupito’.

What is the vibe in Antwerp like musically – what is popular, what good parties are there?

Belgium has been one of the hotspots for house music. Also in the last few years a lot of iconic clubs shut down. But now we can finally see some new concepts and venues coming up, bringing some big international names. So hopefully the tone is set for the future, to bring those previous epic nights back!

What is your sound, we understand it to be very versatile, what makes your music unique?

To define my sound is always say: ‘making connections between the old school disco sound, and new melodic beats’. Some groovy disco tunes, mixed with melodic, minimal house is the sound that brings me joy and energy!

Have you been able to be creative and still make music without the inspiration of playing gigs?

Being creative is something I grew up with. Now during the whole Corona situation I picked up my drawing again. This resulted in making sketches of Black Coffee, Virgil Abloh, Claptone, Solomun, Blondish. And what I never expected is that they all liked it and shared it on their Instagram stories, so maybe that should be a new hobby too!

You have held lots of residencies before now – what’s been your favourite moments?

One of my most memorable moments was playing a 4 hour set at the Pacha Destino resort in Ibiza July 2018…

Mostly is laidback, bringing balearic vibes.. but not this afternoon! This group of wonderful people of Israel came dancing in the booth. Inviting other and more people to join the dancing behind the decks… before I knew it there were more than 30 people jumping and dancing all over the booth.

Tell us about the upcoming EP, Eastern Vision – what influenced or inspired the two tracks?

Spending almost whole 2019 summer on Ibiza.. I went several times to visit Black Coffee during his Saturdays at Hï. And as I’ve always been a fan of percussion and this afro-soundings beats, I thought it was time to bring my own version too!

Tell us about your radio show with Data Transmission, how did it come about?

Always been following the brand for their premiers and mixes. So being in contact with the people behind the brand and having the possibility now to play 2 sets every 1st and 3rd week of the month is something I’m very happy with!

What will be the first thing you do post-lockdown?

As I really like food and traveling, I would love to have a sunny lunch in the sand with some friends, music, tapas and (some?) wine!

What else have you got coming up and what are your hopes for the near future?

Working on some new tracks and one I’m really looking forward to: A remix of a true icon… Hopefully I can tell you more very soon!

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