Welcome to Sweet Music! Where are you staying right now?

Hello Sweet Music, thank you for having me. Right now I’m based in Vienna, Austria.


Congratulations on the new EP, that’s a big deal! When and where did you write it?

Thank you very much. It was recorded in a studio in Berlin earlier this year and Alice added the lyrics while she was in Thailand.


How did you get in touch with New Tab and what made you decide to release it on that label?

Well, when I saw the first release of Carlo Whale and of course the Echonomist remix, I was really impressed by the sound and of course the excellent visual design of NewTab. So I reached out to them.
Since the beginning of our partnership, I’ve been very happy with the work that the label and I are doing together. I think the people who work there are very authentic.


Tell us a little bit about how you produced it. How do you get into the creative flow?

I get inspired by the music I play and the music I love. When it comes to studio work, I usually play around with some synthesizers and let it flow.


How did you get in touch with the Adana Twins for the remix or did that come from the label?

I’ve liked the Twins’ work since the early days, even before they formed TAU they were on my radar, it was something the label and I decided together. Since the tracks are more in the indie-dance realm, we thought the two could add the right spice to the release.


Have you been able to road test the new EP yet? How was the reaction on the dancefloor?

Playing my unreleased tracks is something I never get tired of. Playing my tracks to the public and getting their feedback is one of the reasons I love what I do. For me as an artist, maybe one of the most important aspects is seeing that people can do something with my music. I recently played a few shows to test out the new EP and the response was great.


What are your touring plans for this year? Are there any gigs you’re particularly looking forward to?

There are a few festivals coming up and I’m working on touring more once the pandemic is over (at least it’s possible to tour again now). So you will be able to find me here and there soon. I’m looking forward to what’s next.


Are there any artists you have your eye on at the moment?

It’s really hard to say because there’s so much talent out there. Lately I’ve discovered Abuk for example, he’s very strong in my opinion. But in general I’m surprised by a lot of emerging artists, like Massano for example, what he’s doing is beyond crazy to me.


What is the best thing about dance music, and what would you like to change about the industry?

I like the community spirit that the scene brings. Almost every time I meet new people from the scene, the atmosphere is always nice and it’s very easy to get into a deeper conversation, away from small talk. To be honest, I wouldn’t change much. Everyone finds their place if you are passionate and work hard to achieve your goal.


Is there anything else you can reveal to us?

Of course, new music is in the works to be released later this year. The next thing I can talk about is another Ep on ‘Artminding’, a befriended Berlin label you will hear from soon, it includes two big remixes by Jonas Saalbach and Sofia Kourtesis. There are also other nice and surprising things that I can’t say much about at the moment, unfortunately. I can only say that you should keep your eyes open in the next months.


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