Hey Makebo, welcome to Sweet Music! How are things with you?

Hi, Sweet Music! Nice to meet you. I’m fine thanks.


How has the last year and a half been for you? Have you enjoyed the time away from touring?

I spent this time with incredible benefit. I worked a lot at the studio, made a lot of new music with which I am now touring, spent a lot of time with my family, and just rested and gained strength. I believe that it was beneficial, there was time to rethink some things.


Are you back to playing gigs now? How does it feel?

I am extremely happy about this. We can all travel again (almost everywhere) and share our music around the world and most importantly get emotions. What could be better when you play own tracks and see the happy faces of people, only after that you get the strength and inspiration to do it further. I am just now preparing for my first American tour which will be in the middle of September. It is very exciting and I dreamed of getting there all my life! I am really happy that through my music I can make my old dreams come true.


Tell us about how you linked with Peace Symphonies for your new EP?

We have been friends with Gorje Hewek for a very long time since the days of the Shanti Radio Moscow. When he opened his second label Peace Symphonies, we immediately decided to release one of my new tracks on it. It really worked very well and we decided to plan the next release, this is how the “Good Morning” track appeared, it fit the sound of this label very well and it is one of my favourites.


What was the inspiration for it?

In fact, everything is very simple. I start writing this track in the spring, and you know that it’s a long winter in Russia 🙂 The first warm days, the morning sun, all this served to create such a kind atmosphere in the track and people feel it when they listen to it.


What gear / hardware did you use?

I didn’t use hardware on this track. I use Logic Pro X to make all my tracks and many different AU/VST instruments such as: NI Kontakt for warm Pianos and Strings, Omnisphere for pads, and different sounds.


Do you think of who might play or listen to your music when making it?

First of all, when creating music, I listen to my heart, the only way to create something unique and unlike others. It sounds true and only in this way you can find love for your work from other people, and it doesn’t matter if he is a DJ or just a music lover.
I constantly receive many different videos with my music from different parts of the world in my personal messages and they are so different, it is very touching.
The last time I received such a video, where a small child puts my vinyl record and starts shaking his head to the music, it’s so cute!


How has your style and sound evolved over the years, do you approach music in a different way now with all the skills and experience you have?

I started writing music more than 20 years ago. During this time, I have created several successful projects with different music. Thank you to my father for his good taste in music, when I was young I grew up on the Beatles, Pink Floyd, The Doors. I think this has greatly influenced my musical taste. I started listening to electronic music at the age of 14, in the late 90s. I wrote different genres when I was just learning to create music, it was: Drum ‘n ‘Bass, Speed Garage, Disco House, Progressive, Deep House and Minimal House (which I am still writing). I have absorbed a lot from all these styles and I think it helps me a lot to create the music that you hear now.


What makes your music unique, what do you pride yourself on when producing?

Maybe I spend a lot of time on small details and backgrounds, I work hard on every sound on the track, there are a lot of them and if you don’t listen carefully, you may not hear them, but in fact, this is the main feature of my music.


What would you like to see change about the dance music scene?

Overall, I am happy with what is happening now. Perhaps sometimes i want people to be more flexible and understand what we want to convey to them and not get stuck in one place. Music changes constantly and very quickly.


What is your dream gig?

As I wrote above, I have already made it a dream, this is a tour of America. But in fact, it doesn’t matter where you are touring, the main thing is to see full dance floors with people who understand the music, who really enjoy it.


What else have you got coming up that you can tell us about?

Recently, Amonita and I opened our own label “Rubicunda”. The first release will be on September 30 (stay tuned). We also started making our own Rubicunda showcases, so far, locally in Moscow, but we plan to make them all over the world in the future and are very happy with what is happening.


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