A young upcoming rising artist, Magnuss has recently been performing at ADE. 

His own imprint, Release Your Mind Records, has been a champion of rising techno sounds, including a string of his very own releases, including his most recent one, Bombass. He has joined us in a conversation today about his imprint and more

Great to have you involved. Please tell us who you are and how 2021 has been for you.

Great pleasure to chat with you guys! My name is John (Magnuss) and I’ve been living in Amsterdam since 2015. To be honest 2021 had ups and downs, I managed to start my own label “Release Your Records” and released some singles that I’m really proud of like Alone Again, Jny and my latest single ‘Bombass’! But I wished I could have done more gigs, but due to COVID a lot of my gigs were canceled in 2021. 

Specifically, how was the Pandemic moment for you, did it alter your music taste and style?

Yes, I have been a lot in the studio this year, trying out new things, styles, techniques etc.

What was it like to finally get back to partying and DJing again, any nice moments to reflect on?

During Amsterdam Dance Event I organized my first ADE label party, it was a dream to play B2B with Pig&Dan on my own night and also I had some really fun shows in Ibiza this summer.

What drew you to the dance music industry?

I started out when I was 10 with playing some different instruments, after a few years my mom introduced me to Igor (Pig from Pig&Dan) and from that moment I felt in love with producing music. 

The Release Your Mind imprint, what is the mission and goal of it?

This year I started Release Your Mind Records, my motivation was to give our audience a better experience. Like our artwork isn’t a stack of photos in Photoshop, it’s painted by an Italian painter (Giovanni Giovanelli – @giovanni__trip) on a 50x50cm canvas and all paintings are 

You are based in Amsterdam. What makes the city so great?

I just love the Dutch party attitude and the people here are very open minded, that’s the most important thing for me.

The Bombass release is the latest on the Release Your Mind label. What was it like to produce?

With Bombass I wanted to create a very minimalistic techno track, really electronically driven by changing delays but still bass heavy and melodic elements integrated.

What’s the outlook looking like for the end of the year, with you, the label and events to note?

Making music, making music and making more music for 2022, I’m really in an experimental stage of combining genres, acoustic elements, production techniques and more at the moment in the studio. Besides that my label Release Your Mind is releasing a 2-tracker EP from a new talent and also a compilation album of our debut year will be released.

PS: We are also busy with the construction of our headquarters with live rooms for LIVE streams, a fully professional music production studio and much more…