Where are you locked down? Do you have a studio accessible?

I am locked down in Bavaria, between Munich ad Augsburg. Bavaria was hit the hardest and is still the number 1 COVID-19 spot in Germany. 

I have my Studio at home since quite a while so that’s good. However I also have two young boys in elementary school age  and we need to homeschool them right now and with all the other restrictions it is very hard for the kids all around. So it’s still a difficult time.

Tell us about your new EP for BluFin – what inspired it?

Well, inspiration comes in all kinds of flavors I think. I started this EP on a tracker called “Renoise” so the tracker software inspired me in the first place. From time to time I like to use trackers. Not so much like in the past, but still. I get most inspiration from the software that I use. By switching software packages for different projects. I do this all the time. The results are quite different every time and I like that a lot.


How has your sound evolved over the years? Are you still interested in the same sounds now as you always were?

Oh, well… Haha, I am always evolving my sound. People that followed me over all those years will know that. Now if this is a good thing or a bad thing depends on how you look at it. Most success stories are hammering the same style/sound/etc all the time on every single release. I never liked that, get’s old for me quickly because I get bored very quickly. I like to change a lot.However: lately I split up my projects (a.k.a.’s) again, because I want to do more serious house work again (Lutzenhouse) as well as also some downbeat stuff. Obviously this is not possible under the same name.

You had a Top 40 hit one upon a time – were you ever tempted to follow that up and go the commercial route? Why did you decide that?

Actually it peaked at 11. So it was nearly a top ten. And this still is the track that everyone in german speaking countries knows (Germany, Austria and big parts of Switzerland) and asks me about, even after over 10 years. But: Well no. This wasn’t intended. And because of that I never thought about going “commercial”. Especially not with my own name attached to it. Would I do it differently now? Probably, I am not sure. I have kids now, that changes things, you know… 😉

What gear do you use, how has your setup changed over the years?

Oh well… this list would be long. I buy and sell and use and switch all over the place all the time. This is very hard to answer. Just the list of DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations) and other Sequencer Software I used for ACTUAL releases is loooong: Logic Pro, FL Studio, Pro Tools, Digital Performer, Radium Tracker, Renoise, Reaper, Cubase, Studio One, Usine Hollyhock, Propellerhead Reason, Sagan Metro, Bitwig Studio, Akai MPC Software 2.0, Native Instruments Maschine.

The following ones in some form of combination because you can;t really finish a release with only using a single one of them: Plogue Bidule, Audiostrom Liveprofessor, Five12 Numerology, FXpansion Geist 2 Standalone and yes, I bought them all… 

Like I said, I get bored very quickly and so when I use the same software all the time, I tend to get lazy as well and use always the same sounds, plugins, eqs, settings, presets, etc. So when I switch a lot, I keep my head in the game and test a lot. Unfortunately this also sometimes leads to some inconsistencies in the sound, but I don’t care. I like working that way. 

What else have you got coming up/are you working on?

Lutzenhouse is a strong focus right now. As the name suggests this goes more in the house direction. There are already a couple of releases rolling, also 2 compilation tracks for toolroom ibiza and toolroom amsterdam compilations. The next EP is coming soon and I also have finished an Album. However I don’t know yet if this will stay an album or will get broken up into 4-5 ep releases. I hope it will stay as an album but we’ll have to see.

The other thing is a downbeat/vaporwave/chill/ambient album I am working on. The debut EP is already done, coming soon, the album will take a little while longer though.

What will be the first thing you do after lockdown?

Hmm… Actually I have no idea. There is nothing that comes to mind. I am quite comfortable with being isolated from people. Surprisingly I am a bit of a lone wolf type of guy. But of course I hope that things will get back to something resembling the old normal  soon and stay that way. I have a hunch that we’ll be seeing waves. Not a single spike. But we’ll see.   

What long term impact do you think this might have on the scene as a whole and the festival scene and touring DJs?

I have no idea. I think this depends on what I said before. If this is a one-off or if this thing stays and comes and goes in waves. Also most important factor is probably a vaccine. As soon as that is around, things will change again. Until then, at this point in time I think a lot of festivals and clubs will simply disappear. I also think a lot of people will drop out of the business and do something else, because the risk is too high. A lot of DJs will go broke and so on. Again, this sentiment probably will change because no one has any idea where this is going. Your guess is as good as mine.


Lutzenkirchen EP “Glitch In The Matrix” (incl. Tomcraft & Eniac, Christian Cambas, Roland Römer & Ill-Boy Phil Remixes) is out now on BluFin Records

Grab it here