Meet the DJ who has been rocking dance floors in Brazil with his upbeat sets that combine Melodic House and other styles

By Nicolle Prado

An extensive musical research and an accurate track reading are two important characteristics in the disco scene. This differential is indispensable when the subject is to touch the public’s soul and make them dance intensely, and it’s exactly this combination of skills that highlights Lucas V. as a promising DJ, one of those who knows like no one else how to raise the energy to the point of making everyone be infected by the sound. 

With influences ranging from New Order, Pet Shop Boys, and Daft Punk to Joris Voorn, Steve Bug, and Kolsch, Lucas Vieira presents a fine sonority that combines different influences stitched together within a cohesive structure that completes the setlist’s story. 

The Brazilian DJ has been building an amazing trajectory in the national scene, with remarkable moments such as a residence in the Big Fish group, support from artists such as, and the creation of his own podcast, meDeep, where he receives a special guest in each episode.

To tell a little more about these and other projects, we invited Lucas V. for an interview. Check it out:

Hello, Lucas. Welcome to Sweet Music! To start, tell us a little about your trajectory in electronic music. How was your first contact and how did you get into this universe?

Lucas V.: My first contact was when I heard “One More Time” by Daft Punk (that famous animated clip that was part of Interstella 5555), I realized that the way the music “hit” me was not normal and it became an addiction, where I ended up researching the album and entered the world of electronic music.

Before that, I remember traveling with my father where he would introduce me to New Order, Pet Shop Boys, Queen, Michael Jackson…But the turning point was with “One More Time”.

We know that you dedicate yourself to musical research, and that you have a very complete background. But what are your biggest inspirations at the moment?

Lucas V.: It is difficult to answer this question, because many artists inspire me in different ways. I can say that Laidback Luke, Joris Voorn, Facundo Mohr, Sascha Dive, Albuquerque are some of the main inspirations. It can be for the production, the attitude in a gig, a set always well done, or for having opened doors to meet new tracks or artists.

And how would you describe your artistic identity to someone who is listening to you for the first time? 

Lucas V.: I like a lot to navigate between styles and mashups during performances to surprise the track. I am a very intense person and I try to put that intensity into the story I tell on the track.

You also run a podcast, ÂmeDeep, which has two blocks, the first where you present and and brings a guest. How did you come up with the idea for the podcast? And which participations have been the most outstanding so far? 

Lucas V.: Sonido Profundo was one of my inspirations in the podcast structure, All Day I Dream and Rumors I had a reference in the aesthetics of the project.

It has been almost nine years in the disco business, what were the main challenges you had to face in this journey? And achievements, which ones would you point out as the most remarkable? 

Lucas V.: Of these 9 years, I can say that I’ve been playing professionally for 3 years.

In the last 3 years I can highlight that the main achievements were the launch of meDeep, having a project with your name and having people contributing is very cool.

The first gig in Floripa was something very special and also being part of El Fortin’s lineup, one of the main clubs in south Brazil

Before we finish, what would be your dream B2B? 

Lucas V.: Albuquerque, Rodrigo Ferrari and Sascha Dive

And finally, what are your next plans? Anything new that you can tell us about? Thanks for the chat! 

Lucas V.: Producing the meDeep showcase in the year 2023 is the main goal.

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