Hey Lady Tazz, thanks for talking to us! How are things in your world? 

Hello, my part of the world is sunny and very Mediterranean. Everything is slowly opening up and things are going back to normal, I am currently in Greece in my Studio on the mountain tops surrounded by fig trees and producing some tracks. 


Where are you based right now? 

I am a very global person, I’m never actually based anywhere for too long as I have houses in a few places everywhere. I go back and forth between Bangladesh, Canada, Dubai , Greece and London regularly .


Could you please tell us a bit about your journey into DJ’ing and producing? Where did it all begin for you?

I think It was always inside of me. I have been a raver since I was 16 years old, and have been DJ’ing for a while now but always kept it to myself, it was only 2 years ago I told everyone I DJ and produce. 

But, it was my trip to Berlin that really did it for me, I have no idea how 3 days just went by like that while I was in a rave. I was fascinated by how the DJ playing behind the decks made me feel. I felt  like I was in a hypnotic state, and I wanted to be able to do that to others. That’s when I knew I really wanted to take this seriously as a career. 

I literally had to look after all my family’s businesses all my life since an early age and that made it always very difficult to DJ and produce music and,  me growing up in an Asian country where you are either asked to be a doctor or a lawyer really doesn’t help either, but that never really stopped me from travelling  every year to London to DJ and to learn production. I was attending London Sound Academy for a couple of years… and I was doing this without anyone back home even knowing it. 

But, I have the most supportive parents ever, once I told them they were onboard for doing everything that was needed for me to pursue a career in Music. I’m blessed .


 What drew you to techno specifically?

I just love techno, you either fall in love with something or you don’t, right?! It was like love at first sound. I just love that repetitive beat and the rest is like adding jewellery. 


You’ve got a big release coming out soon on CODEX. How did the connection with that label come about?

Codex has made quite a name for itself, I have always been listening to their releases. I really appreciate the diversity of artists on the label from every corner of the world, this makes Codex very exiting and never predictable. The only thing you can predict is good peak time Techno. 

Codex has a very good team, very professional and responsive but most importantly they care about the artists, and this is very important for me. 


What was the inspiration behind the track? 

This track was inspired by my alter-ego. She’s the ultimate baddie, I know most women can relate to her. My alter-ego is being free from all man-made norms. She is strong, dominant, fearless and sexy. In the Orient, dragons symbolise wisdom, longevity, sexuality and procreation. Dragons embody all the qualities of powerful and confident women. This track reflects the power we hold in our palm to rule ourselves and the world. This track was created to empower and celebrate women.


T78 has provided a remix for the track, it must be rewarding to have a big name like that on your first record?

Of course, T78 is amazing, it’s great to have an artist like that work with you on your first release. I had the blessing to work with 2 big names to be honest. Let’s not forget about the poet Ursula Rucker, she’s out of this world. I’m very blessed. 



What is your studio set up like at the moment?

I am currently using The Moog subsequent 37, The Behringer MS 1-RD, Pioneer RMX 1000 & Focal TRIO 6.


With no club circuit as such to road test tunes, how’ve you found the creative process during the pandemic?

I honestly loved it. I love my own company and my studio. With everything being closed it gave me ample amounts of time to work on my future projects and I kid you not, I have some really cool things coming soon. At the end of the day it’s all in the mind. I literally never waste a single day or moment in life I always will make the most out of it. Always trying to be my best version… I learned a lot of new things during the pandemic, a lot of new softwares to produce some amazing sounds.


Who would be a dream collaboration for you in the future?

Oh gosh you’re killing me with this question! Dubfire and Ellen Allien.


Are there any artists in particular who really inspire you?

Yes to be honest, every artist brings something to the table and I literally feed of their energies. They all inspire me, even the unknown producers. Jeez there are so many talented people out there! I’m very lucky to meet them, they all inspire me, I’m a sucker for good energy, doesn’t matter whether you’re a known or unknown artist. But, true inspiration comes from within yourself, and self love. 


What have you missed most about playing live shows?

I miss the energies and the hugs!


Have you found any records during lockdown that you’re dying to play out when clubs re-open?

Have I found any – I think during this lockdown all I have been doing was record shopping! I literally picked up over 200 records from some great record stores in London. If I had the chance I would play each of them one by one.


What’ve you got coming up that you can tell us about? Or is it all a secret for now?

Yes! I have my Second release Coming up on IAMT. A very trippy and sexy EP calledBeautiful But Evil‘. And I also have a third release coming out… with some well-known producers. So yes this year will be pretty busy for me and I would like to keep it that way. And me being me I just can’t stop there, I am working on something dope and it involves fashion and techno.

Buy ‘Dragon Lady’ via Beatport – Out 11/06