One of the biggest references of the underground scene of Curitiba, Kaká Franco is among the few that keep the culture of disco and house music alive in Brazil. The artist closely followed the beginning of the electronic scene in his hometown, which gave sequence to several trends and movements with the opening of new clubs and independent events. As a good clubber, Kaká got to know places like Circus, Konys, Muzik loft, Liqüe, Eon Dining, The Hall, D’vinyl, Upp, and many others that he saw come to life. A musical researcher with a solid background, the artist brings from unheard to new releases to compose iconic and wide-ranging sets when it comes to history and House Music. We talked a little bit with Kaká Franco.

First of all, thank you for granting us this interview and welcome! You followed the beginning of Curitiba’s cultural movement closely, what part of this history was most significant for you?

Hello guys! I appreciate the invitation.

In the early 00s, it was possible to witness the work of resident DJs of the club, as well as the role of the guest DJ. Often the resident welcomed the guest with a good warm up and this caught my attention, because the concern was for the party to be a success by leaving self-promotion aside, and the feeling I had was that everyone won. Another interesting time was from 2002 to 2008, when the flyers and the artistic attention became more complex, this marked positively many generations and we could see Curitiba more prominent in the Brazilian circuit.

How do you follow the evolution of the world electronic scene translating to your current sets?

The evolution is constant and the new is always attractive, but it always has a base of some era and it’s what we call “re-reading”. The generations on the dancefloors change constantly and the rereadings open a lot of space to bring out a classic, which to many people’s ears will sound like something totally new. So obviously I tend to mix eras, always bringing a new set, with current songs but opening space for me to access the old stuff.

Starting from the premise that a good artist is made with hard work, musical research and technique, what is your biggest advice to new DJ’s?

Patience always, a mistake now and then won’t be the end. Many times less is more and each one has its time and moment. What will build you and give you perpetuity is your base, this needs to be strong, and with a lot of training, dedication and love for music, your patience of waiting will be recognized.

Besides your vast musical research which are the great highlights of House Music nowadays in your opinion?

Kerri Chandler is becoming that highlight, he is still very active and fits in any generation, still present in the news, keeping his identity of very high quality.

Which record was the most difficult for you to find?

Mr. Flute – Mr. Flute – on the clubtools label, it is not even a rare record, but I used to listen to this song and never knew the name. The vocal says ‘Stay in your home’, so I spent more than 10 years looking for this name with no success, until our friend Carlos Zeni found the answer for me in a Facebook group, because he played this song a lot.

What are your plans for the future?

Without big expectations, but with solidity, I want to be the side of the musical quality, of the finest disco and the unique musical baggage. Everything changes very fast and it is complicated to build a certain path. So I remain flexible, to be able to mold myself to each performance, resorting to my musical collection and the latest stuff. I also want to reinforce the role of a good warm up, the market seems to lack this. At some point it will be necessary again to clear the pallet, and this is where I intend to come in strongly.

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