Hey Juany Bravo, welcome to Sweet Music. How are you?

Hi team, thanks so much for the feature, happy to be a part of the mag! I am doing very well!

What is the art of house music for you? Why did you first get drawn to the sound, what did you like about it?

Wow, what a great question! Without sounding too cliche, house music, to me, is most definitely more than just a style of music, but a feeling. I know this has been said countless times in the past, but house music, and electronic music in general, transcends cultural differences, language barriers, races, and just brings people together. To me, house music is the feeling of just getting absolutely lost in the music, forgetting all your troubles, looking around and realizing everyone is feeling the exact same vibe as you. 

I first started listening to house and electronic music when I was around 10, and The Prodigy, Daft Punk, and Fatboy Slim were getting spins on the radio. When I first heard those sounds I was completely captivated, then when I first started raving, that was it. I was hooked on the music.

How has your style and sound evolved over the years, do you approach music in a different way now with all the skills and experience you have?

My sound has completely changed since I first began making music. It took me a bit of time to really find my sound. When I first started making music I was making G-house and Nudisco, then I moved on to more club focused tech house, but it wasn’t until I started incorporating Latin and African influences into my sets and my production that I was finally able to find my style. Since then, no matter what I make, you’ll always be able to hear that Latin and African influence in my tracks. Being from South America, those sounds are in my blood, and that vibe just comes naturally to me. 

I definitely approach making music in a different way now, as opposed to even one year ago. Now I go into my projects with a heavier focus on being creative, rather than the technicalities and intricacies of production, all that stuff comes later. That’s one of the biggest takeaways I got from having graduated from the Toolroom Academy, and it truly has made a huge difference in how I approach my music.

And what are some of the key tools in your toolbox, do you have fav bits of hardware or software?

Since I have been traveling quite often for the last eight years or so, I actually don’t have a big studio setup with hardware. That being said, I think the most important, and key plug-ins that I use would have to be the synths and drum machines from the Roland Cloud, Sylenth, and the Slate Digital bundles.

What inspired the new release on Music is 4 Lovers “Only Want Me” EP – where and when was it written for?

The “Only Want Me” EP was written partly in Moscow, Russia, and in Phoenix, Arizona. I was living in Moscow when ANATTA and I decided to start writing some tracks together, and while I was there I met LEEONA, who happened to have a vocal available which ended up being the vocal on the title track of the EP. I think in writing these tracks our inspiration came from fusing our two different styles and sounds, in order to create a Minimal/Deep Tech vibe mixed with tribal drum grooves.


And how did you come to collab with ANATTA?

I’ve known ANATTA for quite some time, so when the conversation about collaborating came up, it was a no-brainer. I have always loved his style, and I knew that we could make something different, that would mesh our two sounds together.

Are you making tunes to play in your own sets, with certain clubs and situations in mind?

100%. Anytime I make a track, I always visualize how it would go down in certain situations. More than just picturing a certain club, I often write music with the time of the night/morning that the track would work best in. I think having that visualization can really help bring an idea to life.

Where do you start, always in the same place or is it just experimenting until something works?

A lot of the time it is definitely experimenting, or finding a sample I want to work around, and going from there. But, I definitely tend to focus primarily on the drums and the groove. To me, that’s the most important part of the track. I know I have a groove that works when I can listen to the same 8 or 16 bar drum loop for hours, and not get tired.

What makes your music unique, what do you pride yourself on when producing?

As I mentioned before, I think the one aspect of my tracks that stands out is the groove and the percussion. I always try to bring that Latin soul and flavor into my tracks, and that’s what I take pride in, bringing my roots out in my music.

What’s next, what else you working on?

In September I have another collab with ANATTA that’s coming out on Tough Love’s Get Twisted Records, then I have an EP on Nervous Records, which I am incredibly excited for. The EP features Ghanaian Afrobeat vocalist Sam Opoku, and the vibe on the tracks are so different, that I can’t wait for the release. I also have a release on Malone’s Hurry Up Slowly imprint, and Tom & Collins’ Terms & Conditions label.  So you can definitely look forward to loads more music from me until we close out 2021!


Juany Bravo & ANATTA EP “Only Want Me” is out now on Music is 4 Lovers

Grab it here