How are you, what has your year been like so far?
Everything is good, although not as we would like. The year was very difficult, there were a lot of changes in our industry and in life in general. This summer, many of my tracks were released, which I wrote back in the spring of 2020, but due to the pandemic, the releases were postponed and came out only now. It is very difficult to release such a number of releases over such a period at a good level, I am a little bit sad about this.
What have lockdowns been like for you in Ukraine, what is the current situation?
In 2020, everything was closed, it was very hard and difficult. But, I closed in the studio for a few months and wrote a lot of music. In 2021, the government ended some restrictions , although they did not allow to work clubs, restaurants and festivals. Therefore, the clubs worked illegally) but there were only a few of them in the entire huge city. Now everything has opened and returned to normal life, clubs and festivals are working but “in mask” ( People are very much afraid of a new wave of restrictions that has already been announced by the government.
What did you learn about yourselves or about the dance music scene in the last 16 months?
That’s a very difficult question. It’s hard for me to write and judge about myself. Overall, I enjoyed experimenting with different styles and realized that I was making a pretty good product. But without good promotions and support, no one will listen to this product and no one needs it. I also faced very strong competition, which I did not expect to be honest) Nevertheless, all these nuances do not bother me much, I do what I like! And as Al Capone said, if you do well what you like, it is doomed to success!
Of course I have learned lots. And I think the answer is in the Ukrainians themselves. Ukrainians are inherently creepy perfectionists! This applies to everything, including music. A Ukrainian producer will never release a track if it sounds bad! He will remake it endlessly, contact different specialists, listen to it in different studios until it sounds perfect. Also, the Ukrainian sound is really rich, happy and very melodic, even if it’s techno!
What inspired your ‘The Rush’ EP on Harabe? Where and when was it written, what was the production process like?
I was inspired to write this release by one of my favorite artists, whose tracks I played at the beginning of my career, Eric Prydz! I wrote one of the tracks more than 2 years ago, then I just wanted to repeat its sound and I had already forgotten about it. But ! Once I played it in a club and people just exploded! I decided to release it, slightly correcting it to modern sound, it was the beginning, it was the track “FINE!” The second track was born in general surprisingly, I was rummaged on the instagram of my phone, and came across a piece of a cool track, I wanted to write something like that, and the track was born very quickly. Imagine my surprise when I run Shazam and saw that this piece of the track was also Eric Prydz! ) That was borned “The Rush”. I wrote two other tracks already for this release, as part of experiments with the style of Indie Dance!
Please share one track that you love and let us know why?
Of all the tracks that are in my head now, I would single out a my collaboration with Evelуnka – Your rain. This track has everything you need for modern music, good sound, beautiful vocals with interesting verses, vonderful melody and a driving drop. You can listen to such a track anywhere and anytime, be it an office, home kitchen, club or even a festival. I think this kind of music can be called a hit.
What other projects are you working on that you can let us know about?
At the moment I am finalizing a great collaboration with Bondi! In which I was helped by the talented guitarist Matvey Monakov and experiments with my violin) Also i have in progress a remix on a very famous track of one very famous artist, until I can reveal all the details. I can only say that it will be a free download, since I can hardly agree with him about the rights for the remix. I also seriously thought about creating a joint project with one great artist, with whom we already had joint works and we are now working on this and new joint tracks.