JA:CK is an artist from the wonderful backdrop of Tuscany, and is one who’s had the pleasure of releasing several records including an exclusive release on COCOON Recordings. From that time, JA:CK went on to deliver some of the biggest fire records for Sven Vath sets, notably ‘Balearia‘ being a standout for all concerned  in the Summer of 2018. 

Fast forwarding to now, JA:CK has continued to display a heavyweight aura and sound, his latest release arrives on powerhouse festival and label brand, Family Piknik. The ‘Una Onda’ EP is out now. Whilst JA:CK oversaw this release and managed lockdown like everyone else, he gave us a run down on how he’s doing in this exclusive Artist Spotlight interview.

JA:CK’s ‘Una Onda’ EP is out now on Family Piknik: https://www.beatport.com/label/family-piknik-music/71875

How are you, how has your year been? What has been good and bad?

Hi guys!

Oh… this year is not so good for everyone, pandemic mood is not so good! But we believe in the music 🙂

What are some of your most favourite parties and events in the world and why?

Well, I love quiet every party, big or small parties… just parties in the right way! If I have to choose… I love Cocoon parties because this is my wave. But I think that where are good DJ’s, good music, and a good atmosphere all is in the right mood! Many parties are very interesting…

I have heard very good things about the Family Piknik Festival (France). And Family Piknik is the label where I have just released my last EP “Una Onda”. Great team! For now, I have only experienced the festival through videos & photos, but I hope to join them as soon as we’ll be allowed to party again ! 

How long have you been involved with music – DJing, collecting music?

I started my “career” in 1995… I always listened to different kinds of music and artists (Pink Floyd, Moroder, Sakamoto, Karftwerk, Bjork, etc…). Electronic music is my fave. So, at 16 yrs old, I started to play for a disco in my town (Lucca – Italy) on Sunday afternoon and it was so great… full club every Sunday from 3pm to 7pm. And there, I played progressive/techno music just the last two hours. Three turntables, a mixer and a lot of tracks!!!  In 2001 I started to produce with different pseudonyms… some hits were coming, fortunately! Just 3 years ago, I chose to play and produce music with JA:CK, the name my friends always gave to me, since I was a child. And here I am 🙂

What defines your sound, what is your unique musical fingerprint?

I state that I have not a defined genre… I produce and play what excites me in that period, in that moment. I think that music follow emotions, moods, and experience of life of the dj and of the producer. Usually, both. Together! So, I pretty like my floating trips 😀

Do you think being Italian lends your music a certain aesthetic that is different to house and techno from the rest of the world?

No, I think that’s not a question of nationality but a question of music. And I think here are very good djs and producer in Italy.

This does not mean that the best artists always perform. But that’s another debate…

How did you first hook up with Family Piknik?

Well, I sent to listen to some tracks to my friend and great dj/producer Joy Kitikonti. He listened and asked me if I was OK to let the Family Piknik listen to my tracks. So I told him… wow, it could be great!!! And… all went on the right way! I signed the tracks end of 2019 and now we have the release everywhere going through all platforms. The Family Piknik team added 2 great remixes by Emanate and Albanø, so I’m very happy of the full pack —> http://fanlink.to/unaondaEP


What inspired you for the EP you made for them? What influenced the sounds?

As I wrote above, I love electronic waves but in my personal style. I think I don’t have a very specific influence but many… so I think that my productions are a mix of all these different sensations.

What do you think dance music will be like now coronavirus is passing and clubs/festivals are hopefully opening again?

Meanwhile, I hope everything reopen as soon as possible… I hope that the electronic movement (in Italy, too) have had the opportunity to think how to return a little bit back to the “origins”, in this incredible period. I guess it wouldn’t hurt to have more authenticity in our environment…

What did you learn about yourself during lockdown?

I have my own opinion about this lockdown, but I will keep it for myself… It was nice to have more time and make several things calmly.

What else are you working on for 2020?

Well, I already produced a lot of music in the lasts months (8 new tracks), two of which with Bertman, the resident DJ of Spazio900 (Rome). And now, I just finished another new one (I love it!) and I’m remixing a track for Kulto (Nosssia’s label). I think to slow down with the studio in the summer (like every year!) Too hot!  Some events have been canceled due to the virus, but I still hope to be part of many consoles this summer. Like I say in Italian.. Non Fermare Mai La Musica!