Hey Hotswing, how have the last 12 or so pandemic months been for you personally?

Hi guys, thank you for the invitation. The last few months have been very strange, because we have all found ourselves in a new and difficult situation to deal with. Over time, between uncertainties and fears, I took refuge in my music, finding the strength not to give up and move on.

What did you learn about yourself, or the world?

I discovered that I have an internal strength driven by my passion for music. Regarding the world, I think that in the future more importance will certainly be given to small everyday things and human relationships. My philosophy of life is: ‘’love wins over everything ”

Did music become more or less important? Some have said to me they realised that without being on tour and in clubs the scene element has disappeared and people have got more real with themselves and what they do, more down to earth, would you agree? 

I do not agree with this statement, because music has always been joyful freedom and has always given the possibility to travel and dream even within the walls of the house. For this reason I think that music has remained equally important to everyone.

You have a big, clean and fresh sound – is that on purpose or just how it comes out?

In my productions I have very precise standards, because for me having a musical identity is fundamental; those who listen to my songs find themselves in a mix of sounds between funky 70s edge and the fresh and modern trend.

What inspired the new one “In My Mind” on Mother Recordings? Where and when did you write it?

” In My Mind ” derives from an introspective path and it is precisely this that gave the song its name. It was created during the Christmas period, imagining the normalcy and light-heartedness typical of this holiday.


Tell us about the vocals and the sax – are they original, to samples? How important is the content of the lyrics?

In the production of this song the contribution of the Sax and the singer was important. She lent her voice and composed the lyrics in a perfect mix.

Have you ever had any jobs or have you managed to make a living off of music?

Of course, ever since I started performing in the first clubs and composing my first songs, music for me has become a real job and a reason for living so I’ve been lucky!

What’s the most important aspect of your music, what do you want the key message, style, takeaway to be for people who hear it?

As I have already answered before, music for me and those who listen to my songs must be a carefree journey.

What’s next for you, what are your goals long term, and for this year?

My goals and my desire are to return to playing my music in the best clubs, and that people continue to support my tracks.

Anything else to get off your chest?

I want the gatherings, to play in front of a beautiful sunset, and drink a good gin and tonic!


Hotswing’s “In My Mind” is out now on Mother Recordings

Grab it here


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