Hey guys, how are you, how has your year been so far?
Hi we good, thank you. Our year so far is very exciting with a lot of new music! 
Did you have much chance to work together on music in the last year?
Yes, we spent a lot of time on the studio together, finishing projects and planning the future. It’s been exciting!
How did you guys first meet, where and when?
We first met 6 years ago as we hang out at similar places in Tel Aviv and then we realised we love the some kind in electronic music. We thought it would be fun to go into the studio together and see what happened 🙂
Why did you decide to work together? 
It was natural connection. We understand each others vision and it’s clique and when we started, it all seemed to click very well.
Do you all have your own roles when making music or do you all do everything?
We do everything together and each one of us brings their own impact and style to the mutual work.
Do you have similar tastes and personalities or is it a case of opposites attract?
We like the same artists and we are attracted to very similar music. So yeah we have a lot of similar tastes and I think that’s important when we come together. 
Tell us about your new EP on Pills on Heels – what inspired it?
We started working on the EP during Corona when the world was shut down and we had a lot of emotions running through the studio, and we believe you can hear it on the three tracks. We took inspiration from dark music with dark tones that to us felt appropriate for the situation.
What is the scene in Israel like? What sounds are popular?
The biggest scene in Israel is happening in Tel Aviv. People love Electronic music and the scene has gotten bigger over the last few years. Lots of people love outdoors parties but at the same time the underground club is kicking off too. 
How much does the country, its people, landscape and weather inspire the music you make?
We’re not so impacted from the environment, but the Israel community is very open minded so it’s fun we can try different styles.
What else have you got moving up/are you working on?
We are working on the next two releases and also on a new remix. It will be a very interesting year for us we hope 🙂

Hard To Tell’s “Global Mind” EP is out on 18th June on Pills On Heels

Grab it here