How are you, what’s good, what’s bad?

Hi there, thanks all good. Just enjoying this sunny day in the UK.

You went to the Red Bull Academy in 2008. How useful was that? What did you learn? Did you make friends you still have?

RBMA was a great experience. I got to hang out with so many talented artists from different countries and learned a lot from the lecturers. I made nice friends there, some cool DJs, vocalists and producers. I have some of them on facebook and we are in touch.

What is the scene in Iran like? Is it good right now?

The electronic music scene is growing and much better from the time I started learning Djing & production. There are some cool performances happening in art galleries specially in Tehran. The new generation is very much into learning production and DJing. It’s very underground there.

Is that where you first got into music? How hard was it to buy it, access parties, get gear to produce and DJ etc? 

Yes, I started from Tehran my home town. It was really difficult at that time. There wasn’t so many options when I wanted to buy gear and I had to wait for so long to get my pair of turntables which were these Denon turntables and Technics decks were not available. Everything was so expensive and I didn’t have any place to buy records. So every time someone was visiting Iran I would ask that friend to get me some records so I could practice DJing. I used to go to this small gatherings at my friend’s place and that’s where I had a chance to play some records. It was difficult but still fun.

What is the sound of Iran, does it influence your music, give it a certain unique style?

There are so many different genres in Iran from traditional persian music to pop and electronic music. Like everywhere else in the world you can find so much good and bad music in one place. It’s just a matter of taste. I like the traditional Persian music. Unfortunately there aren’t many  labels that release electronic music in Iran that’s why everyone is looking for a record deal in europe or the UK. I get my inspiration from everything movies, books, music.

How does it feel to have some Beatport hits as you have done before? Is that important feedback for you, or do you not care?

It’s important that a track that I release reaches good places and gets lots of radio and club plays but that’s not the reason that I produce or release music. When I finish a track I sit and listen to it so many times and I decide whether I wanna release it or not. Specially right now I’m very picky with my releases and I just don’t wanna release any track. I have a bunch of friends who I send my latest tracks to and always get their feedbacks because when I’m producing a track I listen to it 100 times or even more so I need some fresh ears to know if it’s a good record or not. That’s why feedbacks are really important.

How did you first link with Dubfire and come to remix him? 

Actually he remixed my track with Hot Since 82. I have been sending my releases to Ali for so long and he has been supporting my tracks. He heard ‘Leave me’ my collaboration with Hot Since 82 at Burning Man and he asked Daley to send him the remix stems and then he made a massive remix. If you go to his webpage you’ll see the story behind his remix.

Tell us about your new one on his label, Intelligent Signals. What inspired it?

Sci+Tec was on the list of the labels I wanted to release on and I wanted to release these techno tracks that I had produced in the studio. I like robots and technology and I wanted to create tracks that could create that minimal and powerful feeling on the dancefloor. These two tracks are minimal and a bit tougher than my regular releases. I sent them to Ali and he really liked them.

I also went to this art gallery in Tehran and saw a sculpture made of wires only and I really liked that concept too so I asked the label manger if I could have an artwork like this and they really did a great job with the artwork.



Can or should dance music be political and socially aware, or should it be about escaping from all that?

I’m not into politics and I think dance music should be about world peace, humanity and equality. It’s great to create a positive message and share it with dance music. It will definitely reach more platforms.

What else have you got coming up?

I’m currently finishing 3 Eps and very happy with my latest productions. There is this track  called ‘Gone’ and I think it will do pretty well when released.


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