Hey, how are you, how has your summer been so far?

Hi guys, my summer has been great. 

Have you started playing again post lockdowns? What’s it been like? The vibes, the big tunes?

At the moment I have been working more in the studio. Creating new songs, designing sounds, melodies. I am researching to create new musical concepts.

How much did the pandemic and being at home alter the style of music you made and its mood and vibe?

For me it has been a very good personal and working moment. I have had more time to dedicate to the music studio, where I have been able to connect with the public from the studio. Although I have been in contact with my professional friends who are in the tour business, and they have been more affected than I have been in my case.

How do your new ideas develop in the studio?

The most important thing is to feel physically and emotionally well. I like to have some time to dedicate to research and try new sounds. With this I achieve an originality in my songs. For me it is very important that each song is unique and has a story to tell you. I love that moment when I close my eyes, and I imagine myself on the dance floor as a spectator, I feel the bass of the track and the melodies. This way I get to define the song in a precise way.

How you make the different parts of your songs

I like to work differently on each song I create, for example if I’m looking to create a track with an epic melody and synths that take you to the climax, I like to start with my piano, trying out different chords and melodies. When I have the melodic idea in my head, I start working with the synthesizers and I usually look for warm and distorted sounds.

After this creation part, I create the drums and the bass. I have many ways to create songs, this is one of the ways I use.

If a person reading this news were interested in creating Melodic Techno and going into music production, what would you recommend?

I would welcome it, it’s a wonderful world, that people who create music could say that we are very happy when we are in any moment of creating music or performing.

What I would recommend is that you have to be trained, there are many schools of music production with great level that can help you to achieve your musical goals in a faster and safer way. I would also recommend that it is a long road, don’t be in a hurry, things come by themselves if your work is constant.


From your music catalogue, Trappist is the most listened song at the moment, with more than 600.000 plays, how can this song be so listened?

Trappist is a real journey through space. It is the second song I created for my label XTR records. It’s a song that has really pleased all my Melodic Techno fans.

I could tell you that it’s a great story, where you close your eyes and you can teleport to other worlds where you will find new life forms and other sounds. 

For me what I like the most about the song is the groove with the bass and the story it has, it’s unpredictable when someone listens to it for the first time.

And what inspired the music? What was the aim, what gear did you use, when and where did you write it?

Space-related Trappist. Space fascinates me, it seems to me a gateway to another world that we cannot yet cross. And in my mind, I close my eyes and I manage to reach new worlds where with my music I try to create a story, new sounds that can be related to space. I remember when I created Trappist, I bought a new synthesizer that came out at the time, a replica of a great Behringuer Model D synthesizer. And I put a kick in a loop and started designing a bass sound that would suck me into the groove of the song. Suddenly I started to come up with ideas, put a tom, another bass, drums, percussions and I managed to create a great story, where I close my eyes and it’s a trip through space, enjoying new sounds, effects, and sampler of strange voices.

Are you formally trained? There is lots of melody in your music – where does that come from?

I’ve always been closely related to music. When I was little, I started to have performances in music conservatory with other classmates playing music and that made me feel very good.

Then I studied music theory and I started to study piano, but my grades at school were not good, and I didn’t have the opportunity to continue learning piano.

I will always remember the first Casio keyboards, monophonic, with a horrible sound nowadays, and I could spend hours and hours when my friends played cars and other toys. I was really fascinated by the rhythms and especially the melodies and chords. They made me feel really good. But all that was left behind and at the age of 22 I started studying sound engineering and sound engineering at SAE Institutte, where I could really feel that my life was totally linked to music. I have a lot of stories to tell, but we’ll leave them for another interview.

How much do you put in streaming numbers? Does a big Spotify hit encourage you to pursue a similar sound next time you’re in the studio?

At the moment, I am 100% dedicated to the production and management of my label XTR records, so the numbers are very important to us. What it means is that spotify fans love our music and are demanding more and more of us every day. In the last few years, Spotify has become the number 1 platform for listening to our style of Techno music, and this is because the user can discover new music and above all be connected to an artist or label through playlists, where every week he discovers new music. Right now, I’m not obsessed with the numbers, because they are always stable or growing, and this gives me a peace of mind when producing music. When I create music I try to leave my mind free of any element that has nothing to do with a synthesizer or space travel.

What else have you got coming up/are you looking froward to??

The year 2021 is set to end spectacularly. In October we have a release from one of the most important artists in the Techno genre on XTR records.

My manager is working on a Latin American tour, we will be playing in Mexico, Chile, Panama, etc. For summer 2022 we will be playing in a big party in Berlin, I will be announcing my dates through the website.

Thank you very much for the interview and see you soon in the Clubs. 


Furia & Mainterm “Erwin’s Star” is out now on XTR Records

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