Welcome to Sweet Music! How are you, how has your year been so far?

Thank you! I’m doing great actually, every day that I wake up with a chance to learn is a blessing. This year has been filled with obstacles and plenty of ups and downs but I’m grateful. I’ve been doing shows in my hometown of Denver, Colorado which is a lot of fun because they are the people who helped build me.

How did you get to where you are in music? What has been your journey?

Man, it’s been a really long journey. I started DJing in 1998 because my mom was tired of me disappearing every weekend going to raves. One night I had a show I really wanted to go to and she told me no for the first time. I just shrugged my shoulders and said ok but because I didn’t get all angry like your typical teenager she took me to Guitar Center and bought me my first set of turntables. I started running flyers for local promoters in Denver and Colorado Springs when I was in high school just so I could help spread the message of this music. At the same time I would sit in the basement playing vinyl train wrecking until I got things figured out. My mom was definitely very tolerant, she didn’t understand it but supported me and I’m grateful. About the time I hit 16 I started getting gigs around town in local nightclubs which was always interesting because I definitely wasn’t old enough to drink but they made an exception for me. I worked odd jobs and learned the delivery schedules for the UPS trucks at local record stores. Every Friday I would take my lunch break and instead of eating I hit the first record shop to clean out the shelves. Then I would ask my boss to get off early and hit the second record shop right as their truck arrived. Needless to say I got a lot of angry phone calls come midnight. I started building a catalog of unfinished ideas because I’m a perfectionist and wasn’t confident sharing my music with the world yet. I kept playing local shows and helped throw underground events until the scene went into the digital age. At that point I decided to stop listening to a lot of dance music and going to shows because I wanted to have a sound that wasn’t influenced by others so I decided to place focus on sound design and experiment for a while. In 2012 I decided to go to audio engineering school because I wanted to learn what went on behind the scenes and got into post production. After that I relocated to Chicago and worked as an assistant in a private studio and did some A&R work while holding a residency at Sound-Bar, playing after hours events, and cleaning high rise windows to buy gear etc. In 2015 I returned to my hometown of Denver, Colorado to finish what I helped start. I worked under another alias remixing and doing gigs on the side to re acquaint myself with a scene that changed completely during my absence. Then in 2017 I met my now fiancé’ and my one of my mentors Ben A. made me an offer to buy a record label that him and Sean Biddle had started called Blue. I quit my day job and sat in front of Ableton every day for like 18 hours or more. She helped me run the label while making sure that I did simple tasks like eating food and taking breaks. I started learning about the business aspect of things and networking. I then bought into another couple labels and working with my boy Silverfox. I released my first bits of music under another name globally while honing in on the sound I wanted to create. Fast forward to 2020 the pandemic hit and I had a lot of time indoors so I decided to launch the Freqish project and give people some hope. I did my first collab with Gettoblaster on We Jack. Then I sent a demo to Dirtybird which Claude VonStroke picked up and it was uphill from there. Freqish is actually my third alias thus far but I’m rolling with it because third time is a charm. 

What is your sound, what do you pride your yourself on as being unique?

I can’t say that I have an exact sound right now. I’m a rave baby so I grew up listening to every genre and I like to produce everything because it’s all the same sitting in front of a DAW. What I pride myself on as far as Freqish goes is that I try to stray from using samples whenever possible. Many of my vocals, drums, piano, and etc are recorded live in a studio before I put the track together. All in life is energy and I feel like when you get other artists involved in your creative process you capture their energy and create something more original. I’m not saying that sampling is wrong because I still sample a lot of stuff that gives me inspiration and I love remixing BUT I try to stray from that path whenever I can, and those tracks are the ones I hold closest to me if that makes sense. 

What inspired the new one – Feel You?

So Feel You was definitely inspired by a few things. First my roots in Hip Hop which KRS ONE taught me all I need to know about life. I first saw Dylan Montayne on a viral YouTube video where he was rapping to people while driving for Uber. I decided to dig further like I always do and found out he was living in my hometown. I went to one of his shows and was blown away but we were working in different realms of the industry so I just did my best to promote/support him through social media for a few years. When I made the instrumental I felt it needed the right lyrics to compliment the message I was trying to send and Dylan popped into my head. I sent it his way and “Feel You” was the result. This was his first dip into House Music and I couldn’t be anymore enthusiastic about the end result. I’m looking forward to our future projects now more than ever before.

How did you link with Dylan Montayne for this?

We actually live in different places now but thanks to the internet I had him book studio time and we did the whole track remotely.

Where and when was it written, and with what in mind?

It was recorded at Neighborhood Watch in North Hollywood. The lyrics were written over a period of two months or so whenever Dylan felt inspired. Original thought can’t be forced it just comes in waves so I tell every artist I work with to make magic when the mood hits them.

What sort of studio setup do you have, what are the key bits of gear?

Haha now that’s a question I get all the time. Short answer, “The Pledge, The Turn, and The Prestige”. Long answer, I have some things I like at my home studio to get things going. I have a Mac with Ableton and Reason as well as Pro Tools, the waves Diamond bundle, a Scarlett 18i20, Yamaha HS 8s, an Akai MPK 49, an MPC, a shotgun mic for capturing random sounds, two Numark TTX turntables with Traktor/Serato, a decent vinyl collection, a Pioneer DJM 900, and some CDJ 2000s, a phone which is key in getting things done, oh yeah a lot of eye drops too.  

What was the last record you bought and why?

The last records I bought were some scratch tools by DJ rectangle and Crystal Method’s Tweekend for nostalgia. Oddly enough they messed up the order and sent me Illmatic by NAS which is one of my top 5 Hip Hop albums so I wasn’t upset. DJ Swamp also sent me some new scratch tools that same week which was cool because he has always been an inspiration.

What else have you got coming up/are you working on?

Starting a new label is a point of focus currently. I just did a new podcast with Gettoblaster that’s in queue. I also have release scheduled for May 26th on Nite Grooves which features a great vocal house track called “Crazy World” featuring my friend JRae on the Vox. It will also include an Afro House joint titled “Reign In The Night” that’s got some killer drums and Sitar I recorded. At this point just dipping my toes into stuff, working on some breakbeat remixes and writing stuff that makes me feel inspired like Drum and Bass. I love all music, I listen to classic rock and conscious Hip Hop most of the time in the car, it’s really the artists behind the music and their story that I draw inspiration from. I just finished a remix for DJ Dan & Dan Diamond titled “Welcome To My House” that I’m very proud of. The game is always in constant motion so I just try to stay ahead of the curve whenever possible. I’ve been fortunate enough to have a lot of mentors in this game and I am reminded daily of where I came from.

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