How are you, what’s good, what’s bad?

I’m very well, trying to adapt to the “new normal” as we call. The pandemic situation affected my city as everywhere in the world. I have found plenty of time to work on new projects and spend more time in the studio yet its upsetting not knowing when will it all start back again…

How did you first get into dance music, what parties, labels, radio shows, DJs?

My first contact with electronic music was when I was just 5 or 6. My uncle “Maicon Frederici” a.k.a Charcott was a DJ/producer in the late 90’s and early 00’s. I shared my room with him and my aunt back in the day in our house in Sao Paulo. He would produce music at night and play vinyl during the day. That really influenced me and made me pretend to DJ on his decks when he was gone for school, there was not much of a chance not to get exposed to…

What is life like in Turkey during the coronavirus? Do you trust your president?

To be honest I’m really happy with what Turkey has done during the coronavirus. Luckily, the virus arrived in the country pretty late, so the government had plenty of time to observe and research on what to do. They also helped a lot of countries in need. Everybody respected the new rules and it didn’t spread widely, but still there is a lot to do…

Have you been able to make music and be inspired?

In the first weeks of the pandemic not so much… I was really concerned for what is to come so all these thoughts kept me busy for a while. But then definitely yes! I had plenty of time to stay in the studio and just produce and experiment with new sounds.

Generally what are your inspirations? How much does the weather and natural vibe of the country inform what you make?

I find myself getting inspired by real life situations and movies, sometimes even a painting. Mostly futuristic sci-fi films that make me think about the future. A scene or an emotion catches me and then I leave the movie in the middle of it sometimes to go write some notes or lyrics…  I also sometimes find myself producing just staring in to a painting that inspired me. My inspiration is connected with my emotions as well as with imagery. My real life experience also has a lot to do with my work, this past years I realized the more I’m angry, sad, depressive I do even more music. It is like an escape for me.

How did you link with Maceo Plex on Ellum? What was it like to work with him?

When my uncle preached me to DJ, he had some of Mariel ito and Maetrik vinyl. Those where the ones among a few that touched me to get into electronic music. When I started producing I had it on my mind that I would do a work that would release on Maceo Plex’s label. I sent my tracks to their demo email as I didn’t know anybody from the scene. There it happened, I received an email from them that Eric wants to release the tracks. It was a crazy feeling knowing that I would release with one of the artists that inspired my way to electronic music. Really happy about it!


What has inspired your new ones on Ellum and Oddity – how similar or different are they? Did you write them during lockdown?

I did both of them right before the coronavirus lockdown. Both are under similar concepts and thoughts. “9000”, the track released by Oddity is about an AI talking to its master boarding its space mission. The track that will be released on Ellum is called “Slave Machines”. The idea when I was producing it was about how we are using the machines as slaves yet we ended up being the slaved ones .Internet, Cell phones, streaming, social media,  all parts of a collective machine which we live our lives in slaved to…

Have you been to party or play in Europe before? What the difference and similarities with the scene here and back at home?

I have been to many parties and festivals in Europe but never played yet. The latest one was Junction 2 where I got to listen to the label boss Maceo Plex perform and later the afters was in Fabric. There is not much of a difference in terms of parties to be honest. The only difference between Turkey and Europe is variety in my opinion. In Europe it is easier to find parties going on all the time with different types of genres. Local clubs and festivals in Turkey are doing amazing work in terms of booking and almost all the Dj’s in Europe stop by to play. The number is a little more limited than Europe but it has began a huge increase in the past couple of years which is exciting! 

What’s next for you, what else are you working on?

Pushing my limits in terms of producing and sound design is key for me. I want to continue releasing with my own characteristic sound and work to gain a respected place in the industry. Everything is a remix of everything as they say… I want to do as much as I can to take myself out of this boundary. From playing in international festivals to clubs I want to have my music heard as much as possible, in the end have a name and be a reference…


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