FATIA is a talent residing in Belgium, an artist who blends her DJ’ing alongside her infectious vocals. She has just unveiled her second release titled ‘Aiwa’ on DHB. The immersive artist spoke about her background, how the release is going and how she creates such a unique experience through her sound.

‘Aiwa’ is out now via DHB: https://www.beatport.com/release/aiwa/3262681 

How are you? How has your 2021 started?

I’m doing fine . I can say it  started good under the circumstances. My live streams on Twitch.tv/Fatïamusic give me the energy and drive to discover new releases and build up my playlists for further hopefully true live gigs. My second EP got released on the 19th of February!

Introduce yourself, give us some background who you are and what you’re currently working on?

My father was born into the tribe of Berber a.k.a Amazigh and my mother is Belgian .  My music  is a combination of ethnic instruments that resonate with the realms of House Music from Deep, Organic, Melodic to Techno. Using western dance beats, the Arabic chants of my childhood and  ethnic live instruments. I want to keep my heritage alive in my appearance ( styling & look ) by wearing the traditional Berber facial and henna tattoos as a symbol of strength and self-reliance. Today, after a three-year search, I finally managed to bring together my experience as a DJ, my  singing and songwriting skills and a circle of musicians to create the unique Fatïa sound.

I’m already working on my next EP, were you will find more vocals , new kind of authentic instruments and I’m also working on Fatïa merchandising! 

What have you missed most in the last year, is it the crowd interaction, having your music played in clubs?

Both actually, I released my first EP during Covid-19, on my birthday the 8th of September. Luckily we had the chance at that time to have some crowd around us but they were not allowed to dance , and the music wasn’t supposed to be played loud. Which is a strange setting for a release “party”. During summer  I had  only had  2 gigs at mini festivals of 200 people where I played my tunes for the first time. We decided to release the second EP Aiwa 2 months later than planned, with the risk of still being in lockdown, which is still the case. 

But if we don’t do it now …when will it ever be the right time? And I was afraid my sound would get dated if we wait too long!

Tell us about your the ‘Aiwa’ EP, out now on DHB! 

Aiwa means ‘yes’, come on, let’s do it, what’s up? etc… it’s a start signal of something positive! The original version has more of a summer feeling and radio flavour. We had a live musician playing the mandoline and the violin. I asked him to jam a bit, not to necessarily play on this track. 

Out of these jam sessions we created samples that we used on both EP’s, Red moon and AIWA!

The release features a variety of remixes, including one from Rafael Cerato, what was the process like with have these guys put together remixes?

I’m thankful to have such great remixes, each one tells a different story . Nicko Moyano also made a remix of Red  Moon that I really loved so it was obvious he would give it another try on this one. Divestorm also produces tracks with an eastern vibe, I had the chance to meet him during the Red Moon release as a DHB artist, and I started playing tracks of him, that suited well in my DJ mixes and live streams.

Rafael Cerato was invited by DHB to make this remix, I didn’t know he was working on it, it was a “Surprise”, which I appreciate a lot!

What gear do you use in the studio and how does that shape the sound we use, anything to share? 

We use Logic and Serum as a synth plug in. Live vocals and lyrics by me and live instruments such as an Oud , Mandolin and Violin. I like to think out of the box while working in the studio. Pre-productions in another studio for example and adding different sounds and thoughts together with a team. 

Dance music has got politically and socially aware more so in the last 12 months than anytime we can remember. In terms of dance music, do you think it has a place politically, or should it not come into the discussion?

It depends on the artists goal and on the political topic. I think that music can be a tool for raising awareness, some forms of music may be deemed political by cultural association.

And it can be an important movement in the life of all human beings. My live streams have the title ” Call of freedom” , because of my cultural background as an Amazigh woman ( which means “free people” ) I want to bring awareness about our own power , our own divine self , being free in our thoughts and actions and being positive and maybe a little bit rebellious from time to time ; )

Do you think when we do get back to the dance floor after COVID things will be much different, what are your thoughts?

 I think and hope nightlife will be even more explosive like in the roaring 20’s  , people will connect in a more intense way and acknowledge what music does to the  body & mind. 

It would be great to hear of any artists you have your eye on, anyone we should start researching?! 

Maxim Lany , Geuzz, Divestorm , Nico P, Nicko Moyano!

Finally, please share a track which has been close to you for a long time, one you consider a favourite! 

 ‘Unfinished Sympathy’ from Massive Attack!