Hello, welcome to Music Is 4 Lovers! Where are you in the world right now and how are you?

Hello! We are in Bremen and everything is fine.

What did you learn about yourselves and the world during the pandemic?

Nothing (laughter). We were on short-time work during the pandemic and therefore had the time to produce a lot of music. And even after six years we still enjoy it very much.

Tell us something about your track wassereis – where and when was it written, what was the inspiration?

It was written in our studio on a very hot day in the summer of 2020. We had LaserLennart & Poolboy as guests and, as I said, it was very hot and everybody wanted an ice lolly. We built a beat, LaserLennart twiddled a few knobs and Poolboy wrote a few lines to it…. then Wassereis was ready.

Where does the impulse come from for you to create something? What role do sources of inspiration like dreams, other art forms, personal relationships, politics etc. play?

Our driving force is the love of making music. It doesn’t matter what comes out in the end, the main thing is that we have a lot of fun. You can also see that when you follow along in our live streams. We produce a new track (almost) every Wednesday and you can watch us on YouTube/Facebook/Twitch and even take part in it: at the beginning, the bpm number of the track is drawn with a wheel of fortune. The numbers on it come from the audience.

Do you make the tracks you want to play in your own sets, is there such a direct link?

Yes, we do. We have already produced over 150 tracks in the last 6 years. But we don’t produce directly for our sets, we produce for the love of music, as I mentioned before.

As DJs, do you think about the impact on the environment, and if so, what can you do about it?

Yes, we do. We think that on a small scale, everyone should take care of the environment and their fellow human beings and set an example for them. On a large scale, politics must finally do something. There is a lack of respect for the environment and fellow human beings. It’s always about doing everything as cheaply and quickly as possible. People need more free time to do the things that are really important. Music, for example.

What are your favourite records to open and end a set with?

That depends on where we’re playing. Currently we would probably start with “chechtluth”. The track will soon be released on our second album “MUCH LOVE MUCH” and starts with some calm vocals before a fat bassline drops. We don’t even want to think about the end… As long as possible (laughter)

Are you working on any other projects at the moment that you would like to tell us about?

We are finishing our 2nd album “MUCH LOVE MUCH” and are getting ready to hit the clubs soon. Our 6th live-producing season started a few weeks ago, with the 3rd album coming at the end in 2022. In the meantime, we are open to anything and look forward to the future.


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