Brazilian DJ and producer Diego Colussi has been putting himself in a genuine dialogue with Techno with his thriving career, which includes a residency at one of the world’s top clubs, El Fortin, as well as gigs at D-Edge, Surreal Park, and Green Valley. In addition, he runs the Prototype Music label, a platform that remains among the leaders of Melodic Techno in his country.

Hi Colussi! What made you fall in love with dance music and especially Melodic Techno?

Colussi: I fell in love with Melodic because of the story each track tells, the breaks that bring us strong emotions, the energetic drops that make us dance…

Your productions have reached labels such as Prisma Techno and Nin92wo. How do you seek to create your own sound in such a broad Melodic Techno scene?

I am still polishing my own sound, at the moment I let my workflow take me.

Tell us about the main moments you experienced recently, touring Europe. Any experiences or tracks that gave you special memories?

All of them were incredible. The Cube in Portugal we had to mold a little the music style, because there the sound is more industrial techno, it was a challenge but at the same time a unique experience. But the most special was the Prototype showcase in Amsterdam, where we sold out our first showcase in Europe.

How do you manage the curation of Prototype Music? What usually catches your attention in an artist?

The curation of Prototype is done by me and R4ne. All the tracks go through both of us. What calls our attention is the story that the music tells, the feelings that bring us when we hear it, independent if it is a known artist or not.

On December 9th you release the remix to “Origins” by New Old Technolgy. How was this creation process? Where did it start until the final result?

The original track unfolds in a more melodic and introspective Techno Peak Time (if we can put it that way) and because of that I decided to make a remix that would make the track more dancefloor oriented, to be played at times when the dance floor’s peak needs to be high.

What can we expect from you next year?

New songs, my goal in 2023 is to put into practice everything I was able to learn and absorb during the tour in Europe and I intend to transform this into music.

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