How has 2022 started for you?

2022 has started on a great note for me. I’ve been in the studio working on new music as I’m about to go on tour in Asia.

What is unique about the South African music scene? What sounds define it and do you have them in your own music?

What makes the South African music scene so unique is the people, We are free spirited beings that do everything to the extreme! We are a house music nation that finds joy and healing in music. Music is everywhere you go, it follows you in the streets, and every corner in South Africa.

We are known for our unique sound that is heavy drums, chants , congas, melodic chords and spiritual vocals that take you through a spiritual journey.

How did you first get into it – clubs, radio, friends, all of them or maybe none?

When I first got into clubs I was only 16, during an era where it was so taboo to see a young teenage Dj playing music for the masses in clubs, and festivals. I was one of the youngest and fewest Dj’s at that time. I remember having my first radio airplay. It felt like a dream, hearing my name being mentioned on a commercial radio station (YFM) with over a million listeners. It motivated me to keep going.

What are some of the key bits of music making equipment in your current set up?

I have a quite basic Studio setup that includes my favourite equipment such as my drum machine, MIDI Keyboard and synthesiser. These instruments are very important to me as they help define my unique sound. 

Where is your best environment as a DJ? A small dark club or a huge outdoor festival stage?

I find joy and happiness in performing in festivals, they speak to my soul and I get to connect in a much deeper way with my people. I’m a huge fan of events that allow me to express my progression in my DJ sets.

Tell us about your tunes for My Other Side Of The Moon – what inspired or influenced the latest release, where and when and who was it written for?

OVIAJANTE Ep was inspired by my recent travels in Europe 2020 just before the pandemic. I wanted to create an offering that speaks to everyone’s soul. My music is storytelling, we were all going through a dark space facing the pandemic and my goal was to come up with a project that gives everyone hope that eventually we would see the light in the midst of the pandemic.


Do you make the tunes you want to play in your own sets, is there a direct link like that?

I make music that I always want to picture myself playing at big festivals as well as other Dj’s. My music is very deliberate. I always make sure all my tunes have that touch and remedy to lend in most djs sets. 

Where does the impulse to create something come from for you? what role do sources of inspiration like dreams, other forms of art, personal relationships, politics etc play?

I draw a lot of inspiration in making music and touring from most of my shows. Every time I travel to a new destination or a favourite city/ Country I make sure I embrace the culture. It could be the people, the food , the ambience or the environment that influences me to create a project. Sometimes my relationships contribute in creating my projects, my recent Ep “Arenaya” was a dedication to someone very special and close to my heart 

What last made you happy and why?

Spending lots of time in the studio lately has been the biggest delight in me. Music makes me happy and gives me guidance.

Share a track that is close to you and let us know why?

My favourite tune currently has to be  Evren Furtuna – Micronism. It takes me on a spiritual journey and I begin to reminisce.

What else have you got coming up in 2022?

I am looking forward to my Asia/Europe tour this year in 2022. I haven’t travelled in a while, I’m also looking forward to moving back to my second home Beijing, China.


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