Hey Brett, welcome to Sweet Music. How are you, what’s good and bad in your world?

I guess everything is pretty good for me in my world at the moment, with everything opening up and having an arsenal of my own music ready to go very excited & enjoying my work life as well so I really can’t say anything is bad in my world as of now.


How much did the pandemic and lockdown affect the mood of the music you made, played, listened to?

The way the pandemic affected the mood of my music I was making was since there was so much negativity going around it pushed me to make more of a happy and euphoric vibe to my production to bring some happiness back and remember that this will be over at some point.


How did the new split EP with MAMI come about on Ugenius music?

The way the split EP came about with Ugenius was I sent my two tracks in , then Jacob approached me with the opportunity to team up with MAMI and I knew from the get go that was something I wasn’t going to pass up , I’ve learnt over the years anything Jacob or Tom approaches me with I know they always have my best interest in mind so it was a no brainer for me.



What was the inspiration behind your two tracks?

I recently got a couple lessons of Mike Rish & Luke Alessi and listening to how progressive and soothing their music is to listen to I guess that was a big part. So after taking as much in as possible off them two & the current music I was liking, I just gelled my style with going off what i learnt and went from there.


Tell us how you linked with Ebony Willis for the remix? Have you worked with her before or did this come through the label?

Again Jacob approached me with the opportunity for ebony to remix my track Awaken & again like I said before I knew there was nothing but good to come out of that situation. This was the first time I’ve linked up with her but she was someone who I’ve always been following with her music , love the dark and Grungy stuff she comes up with so I was very excited to hear what she would do with it & of course she knocked it out of the park.

Where does the impulse to create something come from for you? What role do sources of inspiration like dreams, other forms of art, personal relationships, politics etc play?

I guess I’ve always had an interest on how music was even made when I was young. My best mate was into producing and djing , so I remember the first time watching him produce I was hooked instantly and from then onwards I never stopped. The impulse just comes from a pure love for it and just not knowing what I’m going to come up with at the time and just how you always improve track after track. So I would say even just watching other artist play there tracks out and getting a response from the crowd was the biggest Inspiration for me to write my own and do the same.

What are some of the key bits of music making gear in your current set up?

At the moment I had my Adam audio monitors which are great for me & just my arturia keyboard which is essential for me for comming up with some creative hooks and leads.

What else have you got coming up/are you working on?

I’ve got another couple tracks that will be finished shortly and couple of gigs coming up next year that I’m over the moon for, next year will be my biggest year I’ve been manifesting for and I’m super keen to see how it plays out.

What hopes and dreams do you have for 2022?

My hopes and dreams for 2022 is to be just to have as much music out there as possible and to be known for my signature sound.

Are you concerned with your environmental impact as a DJ, and what can you do about it if so?

At the moment I’m not to concerned about the environmental impact of being a DJ, I’m just loving every part of it so nothing but happy vibes here.