Founded in 2020 by Brazilians Gabriel Veronese and João Ferrari, the duo Bikinis & Martinis presents an irreverent sound that combines, in a light and danceable way, analog instruments and electronic equipment that perfectly reflects the personality of both characters in this story. Exploring the infinite possibilities of House Music, the duo performs in Live Act format and crosses sounds by going from the classics to the most stripped down Brazilian styles. Learn more about them!

Hey, folks! How are you and how has 2022 been so far for you?

Hi, we’re fine and you guys? 2022 has been great, we’re having the opportunity to spend the whole week creating in the studio and playing our songs almost every weekend. We already feel privileged to have very rewarding feedback from the dancefloors! With this we were able to improve our live act, both technically and musically. After some time playing live, we’re revisiting all the songs we’ve already made for our repertoire, and we’re looking forward to releasing them soon for you.

You are from the South of Brazil, right? Which artists and parties aroused your interest?

Right, we are from Cascavel in the state of Paraná. Even being a countryside town, the scene here is hot with parties that gave us the opportunity, from a very early age, to listen to DJs with diverse sound lines and feel things that you can only feel on the dance floor. This instigated us to go deeper and deeper into the style and understand how to lead an entire night with mastery in dance music, walking through various rhythms and styles providing different sensations in the audience. We have Sharp as a special party that is in our hearts with national and international artists such as Frank Roger, Ryan Elliott, Jimi jules, Marco Resmann, Yokoo, Ney Faustini, Kaká Franco, Caio T, Ale Reis, Caio Stancione among others that inspire us a lot until today. 

In your sets and live acts you explore the possibilities of House Music a lot, from classics to more unexpected music. How do you characterize your music and what are your main references? 

I believe that our main characteristic is the dynamics, both in the sets, live and in the productions. As house is very broad, we try to explore as much as possible from more classic lines to heavier techno ones, the secret is to choose the right moment for the transitions.

Now talking about routine. How do you produce and prepare your sets, do you sit down to work with an idea in your head or do you improvise and experiment to see what happens?

It depends a lot on the party and the format of the performance, but I can already say that there is never a very well defined script. In the live sets we always choose a song to use as an intro and the rest will flow according to the dance floor. In dj sets there is a pre-selection, but the real preparation is in the case. Always very well organized by styles and subcategories, to be sure to find the right song for the moment, (if you want we can make another article going deeper into this subject).

Where is the best DJ setting for you? A small dark club or a huge outdoor festival stage? Around dawn or in the evening?

The best environment is always where there are people open to hear new music, no matter if it’s in closed places like clubs or open places like raves. We like to perform for people who like music.

Three main career highlights so far?

Playing our live after Gui Boratto at Bielle Club

Learning from one of the best live act artists (Bry Ortega)

See that every day the affection of the public for the project is growing. We notice this in each new performance with people coming to say they love the project and come to hear our music. Even before releasing our tracks, only going to the gigs or getting to know the project by word of mouth.

Biggest dream as a duo?

Our biggest dream is to be able to reach people with our music,  transcending musical genres as a true masterpiece, regardless of what one of our biggest references did so well (Daft Punk), but without losing the essence of true house music.

p.s.: we are slowly getting there haha

To wrap up, what are the plans for this moment in your careers?

Our plan for the moment is to release the tracks we’ve been working on for a long time. Our repertoire has reached over 20 songs, but only now we’re feeling that it’s the right moment. Soon we’ll have something new ❤️.

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