Hey, how are you? What’s good?

Hello! Everything is fine! and I hope you too.

Tell us about your journey into dance music, when did you first fall in love with it?

I fell in love with discos at the age of 14, they had become my second home so when I became friends with the resident DJs they made me start playing some records, almost 30 years have passed.

And when did you start making it, what sounds and DJs and labels and parties inspired you?

I’ve always had an admiration for American house music, for me that warm and soulful sound is unbeatable. Louie Vega, Dennis Ferrer, and the whole New York school has always been in first place for me! I was always going to dance to CIELO when I lived in Manhattan, which was the best for me!

And what is your own sound, what makes your music unique?

My sound comes from what I have always liked. I am a fan of 70s soul music, I always try to refer to that era and those sounds.

Do you jam live to see what comes out or do you construct your songs with a brief and an aim?

I like to experiment, but also to have solid references and I like to sample from them.

What was the inspiration for the EP on Mother?

It’s a love song! And what love is greater than that of a Mother? Mother was the perfect label for this EP.

How did you link with Nathalie Miranda and why?

I often work with her! I was introduced to her through Rion S. Nathalie has a warm powerful voice, gets straight to the point without hesitation, it’s a pleasure to work with her!

Who wrote the lyrics and is their content important?

We talked about it together, but she wrote the record.

What have you got coming up that you can tell us about?

A lot of good records are about to come out. I have a nice collaboration with Mell Hell an Australian DJ where we will give life to a Yazoo sample again. It will definitely be an important record.

What was the last record you bought and why?

Yesterday I was in a thrift market and bought a Maceo Parker record, what lust, immortal music. I would like my music to become like this! Forever Green.


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