Hey ALAY, great to meet you! How has the summer been so far?
Hey there! Nice to meet you too! My summer has been fantastic so far. There’s been so much positive energy around, and I’ve been lucky to attend lots of exciting events. But the best part has definitely been the amazing connections I’ve made along the way. I’m truly grateful for the wonderful experiences and the new friends I’ve met thanks to music. I hope your summer has been just as amazing! Let’s make the most of the rest of the season and keep the good times rolling!

Does hot weather and warm days change the sort of music you make?

Definitely! Hot weather and warm days have a significant impact on the type of music I create. The summer season inspires me to produce more upbeat and lively tunes that reflect the positive and energetic vibes around me. It’s a great opportunity to explore different moods in my music and keep my creativity flowing!

What inspired your new one Sereia” on P!no Music?
The inspiration behind my new track “Sereia” comes from two profound sources. Firstly, being born in a coastal town, I’ve always had a strong bond with the sea and its majestic elements. The ocean’s beauty and vastness have always fascinated me, and that connection with the sea serves as the heart of the song.

Secondly, my Brazilian heritage played a significant role in the creative process. Choosing to incorporate Portuguese in the track was a way to embrace my roots and add an extra layer of authenticity to the music. It’s a homage to my cultural background and a celebration of my diverse influences.

With “Sereia,” I aimed to bring this magical connection to life through music. I want listeners to feel the enchanting vibes and embark on a journey, immersing themselves in the emotions and beauty that inspired this track. I hope it resonates deeply with those who listen and takes them on their own personal voyage of discovery and wonder.
You collaborated with Ambient Pino, how different is collaborating vs working solo?

Collaborating with Ambient Pino has been an amazing experience! Working with a friend and as part of a team brings a whole new dynamic to the creative process. It’s incredibly refreshing to gain different perspectives and ideas, which can lead to unique and unexpected musical directions. While I love working solo and having full creative control, collaborating allows me to explore new horizons and learn from each other’s strengths. It’s a beautiful fusion of talents, and I can’t wait to see where our collaboration takes us next!

Where does your inspiration come from – dreams, emotions, films?

Tapping into human feelings and experiences is what truly fuels my passion for making music. I find great joy in connecting with people through music and understanding what truly moves them. It’s incredible how emotions can be so powerful and serve as a wellspring of creativity. 

What gear do you use in the studio? Does that matter, does it define your sound?

In the studio, I use a combination of digital and analog gear to create my music. I believe that the tools I use certainly play a role in shaping my sound, but they don’t solely define it. The gear I have carefully selected enhances my creative process and allows me to achieve specific textures and tones that I envision for my music.

However, I firmly believe that the heart of my sound lies in my artistic vision, emotions, and the ideas I bring to life through the music. The gear is a means to express myself, but it’s the passion and dedication that truly define my sound. Whether it’s a high-end setup or more modest equipment, the essence of my music remains rooted in the emotions and experiences I wish to convey to my listeners.

How do you judge the success of your music and does it matter?

Of course, it’s essential to set goals and strive for growth as an artist, but ultimately, what matters most is the emotional resonance my music creates. If I can touch someone’s heart, then I consider that a true measure of success. It’s about making a meaningful connection with my audience and leaving a lasting impression that transcends charts and statistics.

What else have you got in the works?

I’ve got some exciting projects in the works! I’m currently working on a new EP. It’s been a creatively fulfilling journey, and I can’t wait to share it. Additionally, I’m collaborating with a few talented artists, which has been a fantastic experience, bringing fresh perspectives to my music.

Apart from that, I’m also planning to experiment with some live performances and possibly take my music on tour. Connecting with my community in person is something I’m really looking forward to!
Overall, there’s a lot in store, and I’m thrilled about the upcoming releases and ventures. Stay tuned, and I promise to keep you all updated on the latest developments!

What was the last record you bought that really made you go wow?

 “Metro” by Kevin de Vries & Mau P. Such a Dreamy and powerful track – immediately captivated me and took me on a musical journey. It’s one of those gems that instantly resonated with me, and I can’t get enough of its enchanting vibe. Music like this truly fuels my passion for the electronic music scene!

ALAY & Ambient Pino single “Sereia” is out now on P!no Music

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