Welcome to Sweet Music! How are you? What’s good and bad in your world?

Thank you Sweet Music. I’m doing great. Let’s start with what’s bad. Pandemic was such a bad period for the music business and our feelings. However, I believe I turned this bad situation into a good one. I’ve been searching for new sounds and developing new skills. One of the good things is my new ep “Sunshine” that is going to be released on Follow The Finger Records.


Tell us about growing up in Istanbul, and how you got into music – was it there or via radio or internet or when you left?

Growing up in a multi-cultural metropolis and meeting different cultures has many effects reflected in my music.In my early life, I met various types of music thanks to the records, tapes and VHS movie collection my father brought from Germany. This is how my passion for music has started and I knew that music will be a big part of my life. Having two DJ cousins helped me to learn Djing at a early age and I started performing with them. Even though I had a desire for getting into music production, at that time there was no source of information I could reach. After graduating from university I jumped into corporate life and waste my time for a while. Then, my friend DJ Funky C  who is the main DJ of Turkish dance music station Power FM, introduced me to Ali Murat Karakuş, the owner of Blackbird DJ Academy. So that my professional music career started.


What is the scene in Istanbul like, what sounds are popular, are there good underground parties?

In terms of electronic music, Istanbul hosts lots of world wide famous DJs and Producers with  big range of musical genres. Melodic house, afro house and techno are quite popular. As a criticism, I would say listeners in Istanbul could be more open to different genres other than mainstream. There are many good underground festivals, clubs and private parties in Istanbul.


Is there a certain sound in Istanbul that is unique, a certain take on house and techno that separates it from the rest of the world you think?

To be clear, I don’t believe there is a unique sound that belongs to Istanbul. Because Istanbul based productions are still copying the mainstream ones due to commercial concerns. However, I hope I can contribute to create a unique sound with my music in the future.


Tell us about your new one follow the finger – where and when was it written?

It was written in fall of 2020 in my studio.


You like to tell stories with your music – how does that work, and why do you like that approach?

Feelings, experiences, thoughts, happiness, desires… All combine in my music. My perspective on life is like a movie and I am the lead actor. Every track of mine is a soundtrack for a scene of my movie.


Tell us about what inspired or influenced the tunes?

Human behaviour, seasons, nature, smells etc. On the upshot, everything visual and auditory that effects me deeply to take action.


What gear do you use in the studio make your music and does that matter to you?

Korg monologue/minilogue, Arturia microfreak, mini moog, waldorf blofeld. From time to time my gears change so,  It does not matter .


What else have you got coming up/are you working on?

An EP from Natura viva at the end of the year and another collaboration project with my friend is coming up.


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