Alexey Romeo is well known to dance lovers in Russia thanks to him often topping dance charts, having a popular radio show and playing huge shows. Now he steps up to top label Bunny Tiger with a brand new album that is bold and adventurous.


Right from the off this record gets you moving with its slick chords and drums. It has a fresh feel that looks to the future and brings inventive house grooves like Never Alone and Don’t Look Back. Afterworld is a more stripped back and subdued cut but one with a nice icy atmosphere and Thunderclouds then has a roaming lead synth that gets you in a daze.


Those who like lush chords will love Azul, which is rippled with them from front to back, and Back To You gets a little more gritty and grimey with its grinding bassline. Add in the likes of Eastern Express and Space Shuttle and you have a winning sound. This fine new album shows that Alexey Romeo is still filled with creative ideas and has more than enough skills to pull them off.


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