Jacob Groening‘s Kamai Music drops a new collaborative EP by Alex Twin and Paul Svenson, and it sits somewhere between indie dance and melodic house/techno.

Alex Twin and Paul Svenson are both based in Dubai where they are both well-known on the local DJ circuit. Playing alongside names like H.O.S.H, Black Coffee, Damian Lazarus and Tale Of Us, they have played in venues such as Soho Garden, WHITE Dubai and BASE.

Although they each have a core sound that orientates around melodic music, Alex Twin is a little deeper and more organic compared to Paul Svenson.

Paul Svenson’s sound is more focused on melodic house/techno in terms of the tempo and choice of sounds, but their individual flavours combine nicely on this release.

This isn’t the first time they have collaborated, but they usually work separately. Paul Svenson working with the likes of Lee Burridge’s All Day I Dream plus other record labels like Bar 25 Music. Paul Svenson has released less music, and his tracks can be found on record labels such as Idyllik Records.

Decode’ kick starts the release with an indie dance groove that consists of a pulsating bassline, muffled vocal and a glitchy synth melody. ‘Joined Hands’ is the second of the tracks and it’s got a prominent synth line and crisp percussion sequenced into hypnotic rhythms.

Of the two tracks, Joined Hands is the one that caught our attention most, as it’s melodic house/techno that’s simple yet effective.

You can pick up a copy HERE.