Alan Fitzpatrick has released techno tracks on some of the genre’s biggest labels such as Drumcode, but he has also shown the world his deeper side via imprints such as Anjunadeep and Shall Not Fade.

His latest release “Envisions’ is certainly on the harder and more driving side of his sound, as he taps into a warehouse party vibe. Taking the kind of euphoric elements he has displayed on Anjunadeep, Alan blends emotive vocal sounds with thundering percussion to create peak time energy.

Envisions is a crowd-pleasing track that is more industrial than some of his output, as it has elements that might be better suited to the sweaty basement of a club like Tresor rather than the mainstage of a festival like Tomorrowland.

With the aforementioned said, it’s still got hands-in-the-air breakdown sections that will galvanise a crowd with blissful moments of unifying energy, between the sections of slamming percussion and driving bass.

After opening with a rumbling low-end and a thumping kick drum, Envisions has thrashing hi-hats and fizzing ride cymbals that lead to the breakdown section that first introduces the vocals and before the main bassline drops in. Continuing to build in intensity, the in-your-face bassline and fast-paced clap rhythm are joined by the euphoria of an arpeggio in the final section.

It’s a track that we expect to be popular on dance floors across the world, and you can buy a copy HERE.