Dan McKie’s 33 Music finds the label head remixing a new cut from Italian pair Aki Bergen & Richter called Turquoise. Of course, as per his current run of form, it is another standout EP. 

The original tune from Aki Bergen & Richter is a superbly atmospheric one. The drums are mid tempo, roll deep and bring plenty of heady vibes.  A gentle synth then washes over the top, with whistling leads and buried bass that pulls you further into the mix. It’s a tasteful tune for sure, then McKie makes it into more of a dance floor weapon. He makes the drums hit harder, layers in more stark synths and ensures you are on your toes and ready to go. Great work. 

Purchase: https://www.traxsource.com/track/7591319/turquoise-dan-mckie-extended-remix